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Emmy Red Carpet Hits & Misses

 My favorite part of award shows is always the red carpet.  I love seeing the gorgeous gowns and the "what were they thinking?!" moments when people dress all crazy.  I certainly had both of those reactions last night!  I actually had a lot to chose from for my "worst dressed," but these are my top 5 hits and misses of the night.



 Clearly I'm loving simple dresses this award season!  Something about a great silhouette and simple design is so elegant.  I almost didn't recognize Lady Gaga looking so normal!

I love this dress, but it does not fit her!  Is she pregnant or no?  If you have to ask it's probably a miss...
Photo source 

Which dresses were you loving or hating last night?!



Missing this cute mini owl named Peanut.  He came to our Shop & Share at work and pretty much stole the show!

Watching Modern Family, per usual.  But, Kyle just got me into Homeland so I spend the majority of my days casually waiting for him to invite me over to watch ;)

Wanting everything Kendra Scott.  I have always loved her jewelry, but while at Nordstrom I took a walk past her section and about died.  I need everything, but mostly this, this, and this!

Listening to "Locked Away."  I don't know why but I can't stop listening to this song!  I jam a little too much in my car and it's embarrassing.

Looking forward to Luke Bryan on Friday!  The concert will be amazing, but I'm mostly excited for the tailgate!  It's been wayyyy too long since I had a good country tailgate and I can't wait.

Drinking coffee!!! The last time I had coffee was October of 2011 (lol...I have a weird habit of remembering dates) and got so sick I thought I was dying for about 3 days.  I blamed the coffee and didn't have it again for almost 4 years.  Well, one appendix and one gallbladder later I decided maybe I would give it a try in case something changed...and it did!  I tried it and was fine.  Now I feel like a little kid on Christmas trying all the fun coffee drinks I missed out on...and bouncing off the walls. ;)

Snapping way too many pictures of my puppy (snapchat: robinacevedo)

Wishing it was cool enough for my fireplace!  

Eating red velvet froyo.  I found it, less than 5 miles from my home.  Life is good.


Fall in Florida

Once I had my first pumpkin spiced drink of the season I was immediately ready for fall.  However, here in Tampa its still over 90 degrees!  While I wish I could take out my boots, oversized sweaters, and scarves, that's juuuust not practical, yet!  But, you can still make your outfit feel fall-ish, even in the crazy heat by incorporating some dark colors, golds, and light scarves to make your look more seasonally appropriate.  To me, animal print screams fall, so adding any kind of leopard is a great fall touch.  Above are some great choices to add to your fall style! 


5 Things

1. Concerts  // Concert season is ending for most people, but here in South Florida it is just beginning!  I saw Ed Sheeran last night and he. was. incredible.  I've known a few of his songs for awhile, but it wasn't until Thinking Out Loud that I really got into his music.  I swear I watched that video at least 3 times a day when it first came out since it made me so happy.  Ed also sings Kyle and my song, Tenerife Sea, so seeing hearing him with Kyle was extra special!  Next Friday is Luke Bryan, so I'm already preparing for the tailgate.

2. New early human species //  Okay, Nerd moment.  Yesterday scientists announced a new member of the Homo species H. naledi.  This is seriously huge, and seriously cool.  Even though it's a far cry from working at Lilly, I majored in Bio Anth and concentrated in early human studies, so this is right up my alley.  I did my senior paper on the earliest presence of fire (and thus potential early human socialization), and the first recorded site is only 800 meters from where they found the potential burial site with all the H. nadeli bones. Ahhhh. So cool.

3. Pumpkin Spice //  It's back.  If you've been within 50 yards of instagram you know that already...but I'm joining everyone else in celebrating its return.  Venti Iced Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte get in my belly.

4.  Instagram // Here are my recent instagrams with some of my favorite pieces!

5. That mirror though // Yeah, the mirror from my last instragram?  I found it for next to nothing at Homegoods and was so excited...until I got to my car!  It's about 6 ft tall, which is about 4 inches too long to fit in my car.  It took 25 minutes, 2 random helpers, 2 open windows and a lot of sweating and lifting in a maxi dress to tetris that bad boy into my car!  But she made it home and is oh so beautiful.

Happy Friday!


Must Haves from Lilly's 2015 Resort Fall Collection

The last shipment of Lilly's 2015 Resort Fall line went live yesterday, and it has me so exited for fall!  Even though it is still a bagillion degrees in Tampa, there's just something about deeper colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and fall clothes.  After doing the roll-out at 6am I got to trying things on and the Marlowe Dress in Pack Your Truck was the first thing to come home with me!  I'm trying to pace myself, but no doubt all of these beauties will be in my closet by the end of the season.

Blake Quilted Vest (also comes in black, tan, and pink!)
*All photos from Lilly Pulitzer!

You can head to Lilly's website to see the rest of the collection and add some color to your fall wardrobe, and shop the post below!


My last 7 months...According to my iPhone

  It's a little hard to sum up 6-7 months in one post...unless you're like me and your social life has pretty much consisted of your puppy and a glass of wine for the majority of the last year!  Still, a lot has changed since I last blogged, so I thought a little tour through my iphone would be a good way to catch up!
In March I was offered a promotion and transfer to Tampa to begin working with Lilly Pulitzer full time.  Working for Lilly really is the #LillyDreamJob they write about on social media, and I couldn't be happier continuing my career in Tampa.  The city is so young, fun, and close to the water...which is the way to my heart!  It's impossible to be bored here, and it felt great to start fresh in a new city.

My townhouse is just a few miles away from the Causeway that connects Tampa to Clearwater, and it has a walkway right along the bay.  It makes for gorgeous sunset walks with Miss P!  She prefers to sniff every blade of grass along the way, but for me the view never gets old.


It has been so great working working at the Tampa store in International Plaza.  The store has a higher volume than my store in Sarasota, and I have learned so much about the company and truly love my job.  Working at Lilly is like one constant party! Most retail workers dread the holidays, but I can't wait.  The hustle and bustle of a crazy busy store gets me so pumped up!

I am also so so lucky to get to work with the group of women I work with.  They welcomed me instantly into their Lilly family, and have made the transition so easy!  They went from coworkers to friends, and make going to work everyday something I look forward to.  They also initiated me into Tampa life by getting me to try 2 happy hours in one was very successful until I tried to function the next morning! I think this is what happens after you turn 26...

If you follow me on instagram you have probably seen a hunky new face popping up over the last few months!  At the end of May I happened upon the sweetest, most thoughtful man who almost instantly turned into my best friend, boyfriend, and love.  As luck would have it he grew up in Syracuse, NY, just like me!  It's funny how the world works sometimes. :)  Unlike myself, he hates all social media (except I turned him into a pro at snapchat...we've been on fire for 86 days and counting...impressive, I know!) and would happily live without anyone knowing any details of his life.  Why he dates a chronic oversharer, I will never know!  So, I'm going to wait until he loves me a little more before sweet talking him into coming on the blog, but I have a feeling you'll be hearing lots more about him.  Meeting him was like meeting the best friend I'd been waiting for.  I frequently yell at him for not finding me in Syracuse when we were in high school! Still, better late than never. ;)

All in all my life has revolved around work, Nelly, and exploring Tampa with Kyle!  We have so much to look forward to in the upcoming months and I can't wait to be back sharing it here.  Life is really getting good. :)

Shop those happy hour dresses here


Labor Day Sales + Promo Codes!

Labor Day sales are some of the best of the year, and a perfect time to get a head start on holiday shopping (I know, that thought is a little scary)! I'll be spending the holiday weekend working shopping at Lilly, as should you ;), but below is a roundup of some other great sales going on! 

American Apparel // up to 50% off select styles
Anthropologie // 30% off sale
Code: EXTRA30
Banana Republic // 40% off your entire purchase
Ends: 9/8
BaubleBar // 50-60% off select styles
Date: Ends 9/7
Brooks Brothers // up to 60% off clearance
Date: now – 9/7
Camilyn Beth // 20% off all striped dresses
Date: Ends 9/7
Gap // 40% off everything
Hayden Reiss // 30% off
Date: Through 9/7
J.Crew Factory // 50% off everything
Date: Ends 9/7
J.Crew // 30% off your order of $125+
Date: Ends 9/9
Kate Spade // 25% off all sale items
Code: Delight
Date: Through 9/7
Lilly Pulitzer // Gifts with ANY purchase!
LOFT // 30% off fall arrivals plus and extra 50% off summer styles
Nordstrom // save up to 40% on sale items
Date: until 9/13
Old Navy // up to 60% off everything
Victoria’s Secret // $15 off $100 order, $25 off $150 order, $50 off  $250 order
Code: fall 2015
West Elm // 10% off 100$ or more 15% off $250 or more 20% off $500 or more
Date: Ends 9/7

Happy Shopping!


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