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Daily mantra for a Sunny state-of-mind!

This is the quote on the March page of my Lilly Pulitzer planner. This saying could not be more perfect for March in central New York! This year we have been blessed with a warm winter, but usually March consists of grey skies and muddy melting snow. Nice, right? No. Thankfully, my family has quite a few birthdays this month to bring some cheer to the month, but I'm still going to say it. I am not a March fan. By this time I am done with cold and just want spring to get here!

After reading this quote I made a decision. I decided... it is Spring! I'm taking the Lilly Pulitzer attitude and letting the sunshine in! Even if it's only in my head. Now, I'm not doing anything crazy like getting my white clothes out or anything, but dressing in bright spring colors and getting my mood ready for spring has done wonders for my attitude each day.

So from now on, no matter how dreary, dark, and depressing it is outside, I'm going to live like it's Spring!

XXO Robin

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  1. That is a good quote, because this March I've realized there is something exciting about spring, it puts you in a good mood and you get to wear fun colors. Some days are still cold here in Utah, but pretending spring is close makes me giddy.


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