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St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is wearing green with a green beer in your hand!  I must say, even though I have never been a fan of beer, St. Patrick's day is the one day a year when I wish I wasn't allergic! I don't know if I would even drink it, but there's something so festive about green beer that seems so festive.  

Now that I'm a "real" person, my day was nowhere near as wild as my college days, but no less fun!  I went downtown to the parade with my family, and then to an Irish Hooley Party at our city's convention center.  The parade was definitely the highlight, although not for the normal reason.  It was awful! Syracuse really doesn't have anything going for it except basketball, so we weren't expecting much, but the finally was none other than...a septic tank.  Seriously?!  It made it so amusing though, and we had a great time.  In between the more lame floats were animals and bag-pipes, which made up for it!  I have a bizarre love for bagpipes.  I'm weird like that.
 Mom and her best friend, my "Aunt" Alice
 Couldn't NOT where orange when 'Cuse is playing!
Love 'em :)

Besides the bagpipes, another thing happened today that made me so happy.  There was a homeless man kind of hanging around the area where we were watching the parade, collecting cans.  We just let him do his thing and didn't pay him much attention. Then we realized my uncle was missing.  We looked down the block for him and say him coming back, arms full of cans.  We watched as he approached the man and gave him all the cans he'd seen thrown by the wall just down the block.  When he came back he just shrugged and said he didn't want the man to miss them.  The homeless man was so happy.  Usually people (myself included) tend to turn away when we see someone in need, or doing something we don't deem "socially acceptable."  But my uncle took a few minutes to make his life a little easier, not caring what anyone thought.  I hope we can all take note and try to think of other people more often!

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