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European Getaway!

Sometimes my man really pulls through.  After my health scare last week I was feeling kind of down and shaken up, and my man came up with pretty much the best thing ever to cheer me up.

A European Getaway!

But really.  I think I'll keep him. 

Dom is coming with my family to Italy this October for a week to go to the Canonization of Blessed Mother Marianne Cope (a post on my connection to her coming soon!).  If you have read our love story or seen my adventures tab, you know Dom and I share a love of travel, and even more, a love of travel for cheap!  Our week long trip to Fiji cost a total of $600, including airfare and all inclusive resort (although I use the word resort was Fiji after all).  Dom has a great talent for finding ways to save money, so we can have our adventures and not break the bank.  So, while I was in my MRI, Dom was researching what kind of traveling we could do if we stayed an extra week after our family week and explored! I mean we are already going to be over there, why not take advantage?

After some researching he put together a driving route that will take us to Zerich and Zermatt-Switzerland, Strasbourg-France, Luxembourg-Luxembourg, Brussels-Belgium, Amsterdam-Netherlands and Dusseldorf-Germany! 6 countries in 6 days.  There will be lots of driving, hostels, eating pre-made gluten-free sandwiches, and probably some sleeping in the car.  Still, I couldn't be more excited! Don't get me wrong, I will happily stay in a 5 start resort, and I can be a little high maintenance about my hair, but I think this kind of adventure is one of the most fun things you can do with the one you love!  You really learn a lot about someone when exploring a completely different country, and being thrown completely out of your comfort zone.  It's going to be such a great experience, I'm so lucky he was able to put it together.  If medical school doesn't work out I think he should be a travel agent!

Have any of you been to these cities or know some must see spots? I think we have a pretty set driving route, but a side adventure is all part of the fun!  Can't wait to share it all with you! :)


  1. wow, how exciting! love the fact that you're seeing 6 countries in 6 days - that's what's so great about europe!

  2. Oh my word! Don't even get me started on my love of Europe. I've been in and near several of those places. A couple of times actually.

    1. I'm jealous I can't go.

    2. I've done the whole two week backpacking trip thing through Europe. Living in hostels and cheap food. THE best experiences ever.

    3. That was before I was married & my husband has never been. Maybe one day I can take him! Actually, I will take him!

    4. Please tell me your secrets of cheap. I need to know.

    5. Of the places you're going, I've been to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Amsterdam. Please let me know if you want any tips or places to visit!

    Happy Friday & weekend! :)

  3. This trip sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you found me, it's great to connect with other military wives/girlfriends. I couldn't believe the community I've found within blogging! Feel free to ask questions if you ever want to :)

  4. Had been there last year (July - Aug)
    Belgium is wonderful and so is Amsterdam. Have written a few posts on these places in my Aug 2011 posts.

  5. AHHHH! So jealous of this right now!! That is going to be an amazing trip!!

  6. I went to Amsterdam two summers ago and loved it!! A must see is the Anne Frank house, it really puts it into perspective how they lived hidden away for so long. The Rijks museum is there and has the rembrandt "Night Watch"...they do not allow photography though. The Van Gogh museum is also there and does allow photography. While there we went on a sunset boat ride in the canals and got to see some really great views. Also, in Rembrandt Square is a really fantastic Indonesian restaurant called Indrapura. They are really known for the Indonesian cooking there. But I would highly recommend it!


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