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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey, there!  Life has been so stressful lately with my third round of midterms, and then finals just around the corner.  I used to think finals were bad in college, but now that I have finals season and work full time, it's even crazier!  So, since I'm spending most of my days being stressed I figured I would join in the "What I'm loving Wednesday" trend and focus on what makes me happy!  Without further ado...
1.  I love that I was able to spend the last weekend kicking back and relaxing with Dom.  It was his fraternity's annual "Beach Bash" party and we had a great time!  Since I am out of school and Dom is nearing graduation and focusing on applying to med schools, we don't really party like most of his friends.  Still, I had fun pretending I was still in college and trying to keep up! It pretty much just turned into a night of us being really silly.
We danced for a bit in the "beach" in the house, then went to sleep early and got up for church and breakfast the next morning!
2.  I'm loving the fact that in less than a month I will be done with my classes, turn 23, and watch Dom graduate from college!
3. I'm LOVING that I move to Florida in 4 short months :) Can I fast forward through Organic Chemisty please?
4.  I'm loving that after I take Orgo this summer I will have finished all my pre-reqs to go back to school to be a dietitian!

Now for some material things I'm loving...
Perfect for a summer wedding!
Can I live here please?
Caramelized peach and brie quesadilla.  For real.  Need to learn to make this gluten free!

Cute, and yummy. :)

What are you all loving this week?


  1. ugh - prerequisites are the worst! it will be so nice once you're in your actual dietitian classes, learning about what you're passionate about! good luck with finals!

  2. Ah where in FL will you be? and how fun to go back to college life for a night!

  3. I'm SO glad I found your blog! Just read your about me and I feel like we would be best friends if we didn't live SO far away... is that a little 'much' for a first comment? haha Anyways love love your blog and can't wait to keep reading!

    Leigh Anne

  4. Hooray for finishing up your classes for the semester and celebrating your birthday (I turn 23 next month, too!). And for cute dresses and delicious looking food. Those raspberries look like they're so good!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I read your story about how you met your bf and it was so sweet! Funny how things turn out, truly when you least expect it :)

  6. ahh! Now I'm loving your blog! I want that coral dress, no I need it!!!


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