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D.C. Home Sweet Home!

This weekend didn't go as planned.  Shortly after publishing my last post Bennett called with some very sad news that her boyfriend Vic's father had suffered a massive stroke and was in the ICU.  By the next morning they were pretty sure he wouldn't make it, so she stayed in Georgia to be with Vic.  It was a very good choice because he passed a few hours later.  He was lucky to be surrounded by tons of friends and family, so I am hoping he knew on some level how loved he was in his last hours!  I was sad to not be able to see my best friend, but Bennett being with Vic was the best thing for him at this terrible time.

On a happier note...
The very first thing I did when I arrived in D.C. was get on the wrong metro train.  So much for being a local! It took me so far out of the way that I just got in a cab to meet my friends.  For some reason, the cab driver squiggled through campus, making sure I passed every significant corner and tugging my heartstrings the whole way.  While I went to D.C. with my mama a few weeks ago, being on campus was so different.  I could feel my stomach twisting as we passed my freshman dorm.  I feel like it was a completely different person who lived in that dorm.  I am so completely different from the girl I was when I first moved to the city that I don't even recognize her.  My memories seemed like they belonged to someone else, and it just showed me how much I have grown.

Driving down Sorority Row reminded me of the best friends a girl can make.  I know the common conception is that sororities are all about drinking, partying, and hazing, but I promise you it is not true.  There are absolutely sorority girls who embrace all of those activities, but it's really not what it's about.  When I was a freshman I got a "Big Sister" or more lovingly called my Big, and without her I never would have survived the life changes of freshman year.  She really became my big sister and I love her so much.  Being in a sorority gives you such a bond, and even now, 5 years later I can still go to her with any problem life throws at me.  I now also have a Little, a Grand Little, a Great Grand Little, and a Great Great Grand Little! I'm really old.  I always hoped to be the kind of Big to my Little that my Big was to me. :)

Since Bennett couldn't come anymore, and it is finals time for GWU, I brought my schoolwork and studied the days away with my Little.  Then, at night we grabbed my Great Grand Little and went out on the town.  It was a more low key weekend then I had planned, but that made it so much better.  I got ahead on my schoolwork and got to see so much more of my Little than I thought!  Our weekend included Spanish tapas, SANGRIA, some late-night shopping, family love, and the White House!

It is strange to consider two places home.  I grew up in Syracuse, and it will always be home, but D.C. is where I truly grew into the woman I am today.  Being back there was enlightening, sad, exciting and simply put, amazing.

Yes...there was an outfit change.  In the middle of the store ;)


  1. I know what you mean about the feelings when stopping by old familiar places. I totally feel that way about so many places and memories. It's hard to imagine who I used to be, because I've changed and grown so much since then. Life is crazy like that, and we're not even old!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's loss. But I'm glad you were able to have a great weekend even though!

    Glad to be back to the blogging world and read about your life! :)

    Have a wonderful day, friend!

  3. I love these pictures, and your outfits are adorable. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Liebster blog award today on my blog! Go on over and check it!

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  5. i love your pink blazer and the white skinnies!


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