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That time I gave my boyfriend luck and he tried to kill me

Yep, that's right.  I tried to be a good girlfriend and give my boyfriend a relaxing night off and he tried to kill me. That's love.
We started the night at our favorite date spot, Chocolate and Vines.

Dom has been so stressed studying for his MCAT and was at his breaking point. His practice scores were dropping and everything was getting overwhelming. I convinced him to take a night off to recharge, and told him I'd be his good luck charm for his practice exam the next day. I drove out for a quick visit so we could have our date. Chocolate and Vines is in this adorable house, and the downstairs has been converted to a restaurant. They have tons of gourmet cheeses, wines and chocolates. Everything is so delicious and just the atmosphere started to relax Dom.
After stuffing our faces (okay, just my face) we headed back and relaxed and slept. Perfect night. Serious girlfriend points.

And then it happened.

I have cereal for breakfast literally every morning, so Dom decided to be cute and pour mine will I was getting dressed. I came back and had a few bites and proceeded to sneeze 12 times. That's perfectly weird normal for me so I kept eating. Then my throat hurt, but for some reason it tasted really good so I kept eating. Then Dom all cute and proud asked,

"How do you like your milk?!"

"Um, actually tastes good, why?"

"Cause it's almond milk!"

Oh, you know, almonds. Just the reason I carry an epi pen wherever I go. Boyfriend fail. Quite a few drugs later I was fine, but very drowsy. Too bad the only thing worse for me than almonds is coffee.

Oh and Dom's score? Jumped 5 points.



Friday's Letters


Dear Readers: Thank you so much for putting up with me this week.  I have basically failed as a blogger, but life got crazy.  Not to mention my iphoto is down and I haven't been able to sit and figure out how to fix it/find a new way to upload pictures! However, it's been kind of nice to just do fun link-ups in the meantime. :) I should hopefully be back to regular blogging next week!

Dear Rascal Flatts: So excited to see you this weekend! The girls and I are taking a road trip to tailgate and party the night away see you and we couldn't be more excited! Life gets so crazy, so thank you for being a reason for us to get together!

Dear Ra: You're the best horse and we all love you and are praying for your full recovery.  Keep holding on, we're not ready to say goodbye yet!

Dear New Car: You're going to look sexy in my driveway. Hurry here.

Dear Orgo 1: I'm finished with you on Monday!! You thought you could break me, but you hopefully can't.  I definitely thought our last day together was yesterday, and really should not be going away this weekend, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! And yes, I see you over there and yes, I will come study in a minute.

Dear Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches: You are delicious.  I had you for dinner twice in a row this week, which means I am 5 and also completely out of food. 

Aaaand that's all for now! I'm going to keep being a bad blogger and keep this short and sweet so I can kick my Organic Chem final's butt. Next week will be full of fun pictures from a wild a fun summer weekend! Final? What final? Have a wonderful weekend!



It's time to dish about...The Bachelorette!

So I am beyond devastated that my iphoto is not working.  Do any of you lovely ladies have any advice?! I can't do any of my planned posts without pictures! Plus iphoto has my life contained in those thousands of photos...very scary.  However, I don't need any pictures to gossip about this weeks episode of the bachelorette!

Okay, so I am going to preface this by saying my memory might be a tad fuzzy because I had my girlfriend over and there were quite a few cocktails flowing.  {side note: Skinnygirl pina colada and nutella= Amazing!}  Also, my friend had the bright idea to drink whenever Doug talked about his son or Chris complained so... it was a great night!

Okay, first off
At first, I could not believe he hadn't told Emily about his relationship with Cassie.  But then, Chris made it seem like it was forever ago and not a big deal.  We even hear Cassie saying she's only seen him twice in the past 10 years. Not exactly scandelous.  While I had a feeling she would be upset, I didn't think it was anything to ruin the relationship over and I am so glad they moved on and got over it!  Arie is such a sweetheart and I knew he would have a good explanation! I still just love him.

However, I also love me some
How precious was it when we went through the streets trying to find Emily? I couldn't help but laugh thinking how the producers had to know where she was, and were just watching him search!  I love how happy she is when Sean finds her, and those smooches got steamy!  I hope Emily remembers to cover Ricki's eyes. ;)  I am so torn.  I absolutely love Sean, and think Emily does too.  You can tell by how she looks at him she's into him, but I don't know if their relationship is at the love point yet.  I hope the hometown visit is enough to seal the deal!

Jef with one f
Melt my heart.  Jef is just such a sweetheart I want to cut his hair and then have him follow me wherever I go.  I was dying laughing during their puppet show!  I know some people thought it was cheesy but I thought it was so sweet and absolutely hysterical.  My favorite was when he complimented Emily on her nail polish and she responded with "Oh thanks I'm never going to change it." HAHA. Come on, you all know you thought like that in middle school too!  Also, "I want to date you so hard and marry the @#$% out of you" was pretty precious too! I just adore him.  And he said the loveee word!  Things are getting steamy in bachelorette land.

Oh my.  That kiss. I can't even relive it since I watched it while covering my eyes.  Bless his heart.

Gag me with a spoon.  He has serious anger issues which was Emily's problem with Brad! If he can't handle being on the show how is he going to handle raising Ricki, let alone the million other babies Emily plans to have?  I think she needs to kick him to the curb. STAT.

I think he is a really great guy, he just didn't open up enough.  I really liked him but I think he got into the friend zone by accident.  I wish she had sent Chris home instead, but it was going to be either John or Chris regardless.

My predictions?  I don't know! I am pretty positive Arie will be in the top 2, if not be The One.  However, between Sean and Jef I don't know! Jef seems like he will be wonderful with children, but Sean has those great family values (and arms) that I think Emily really loves.  I don't think I could make that decision. I guess I'll just have to wait and see! Maybe with less booze next week.

Ha, I kid.



Sunday Social!

I've seen this linkup for a couple weeks now, and I love getting to see some more about other bloggers that you normally wouldn't know! So I figured I would give it a shot before I head out to the lake to study my life away hopefully get some sun. :)

Sunday Social

What is your all time favorite song?
Walking in Memphis-Marc Cohn.  It has been my all-time favorite song for as long as I can remember and it makes me so happy whenever I hear it!

What is your favorite singer/band?
This switches on a regular basis! Right now I'm really into Luke Bryan.

It used to be Rascal Flatts and I still love their old stuff, but I'm not as into their new stuff.  I'm seeing them in concert this weekend though, so maybe they will change my mind!

What is your theme song/song that describes your life
"Springsteen" by Eric Church.  For some reason it's just one of those songs that stops me in my tracks.  I could listen to it on repeat and never get sick of it.  It brings me right back to my sweet high school summers!
Also, "I still call Australia home." Tears.  Every time.

What song puts you in a good mood?
 "Don't stop believing"- Journey. Seriously, does anyone NOT love that song?!  There's no way to not love life when that baby comes on

What is your favorite road trip music?
COUNTRY. It's like drinking beer. Some things just have to be done while listening to country music and a road trip is one of them! Musical soundtracks are great too, you get involved in the story and the time flies.
What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
"What Makes You Beautiful."-One Direction.  Jail-bait.  But so stinkin' cute.



Are you there Friday? It's me, Robin

Dear Summer: You are finally here!  Tis the season for days at the lake, nights by a fire, tubing wipe-outs, summer storms, dinner outside, sunshine and happiness.  I wait all year for you to arrive and the day has finally come.  Now, just make sure to hang around until I'm done with classes so I can enjoy you, okay?
Dear Vineyard Vines: With your help my boyfriend went from Jersey Shore attire to preppy in just a year.  Every time he calls and tells me of the pastel wonders he found at your store my heart sings a little.  Now if you could just make your to-die-for dresses a little cheaper I would love you even more.
Dear Bennett: You are beautiful.  You have the kindest heart.  You are the best friend I could ever ask for.  I know you're sad about your MCAT score, but the world is not ending.  You are still going to have your choice of schools, and even if it isn't the route you hoped for you will be a doctor.  You saved my life on April 17th 2010 way back when we were roommates and I know you will save many more in the future.
Dear Monograms: Is it wrong if I want to put you on anything and everything?
Dear Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan: How can you have a concert in my town just weeks after I leave?! I can't believe so much beauty will be on one stage and I won't be there to see it!
Dear e.l.f. makeup: I just bought a whole ton of your stuff today.  Thank you for making me look beautiful while I sit alone in my room and study where no one can see me.
Dear Florida: I'm coming for you in 2 months.
Dear Skinnnygirl Cosmo in my fridge: Get in ma belly.

 Note: This post was written Thursday night.  I do not drink before 10am.  Really, I promise. ;)



Pictures and random tidbits about yours truly!

Since my readership has almost doubled in the past week or so I figured it was time to do a little post with some pictures and random facts about me!  These are my favorite posts to read about other bloggers, so I figured I would re-introduce myself a little!

The Basics:
I am Robin (duh) and my boyfriend is Dom
I live in Syracuse, he lives in Rochester and we have been long distance for 2 years. However...
We're moving to Florida in August!
Med School for him
Masters in Dietetics for me

The fun stuff
I love the ocean, and need to live near water

I have a strange obsession with etiquette books and read them for fun

I live in a 3 bedroom house with 2 roommates who do not speak english
I LOVE Montauk, NY

My drink of choice is jack and coke (or strawberry frozen margarita!)

I once danced in a cage in Australia...I don't remember, but there are pictures...
I'd kill for this tan back!
Even though I grew up in Syracuse, I consider Washington, D.C. home
...although I would happily consider this home too!
Contrary to the above picture, I am terrified of heights.
I don't like spiders either
My idea of being outdoorsy is getting drunk on patios
Love Actually is my favorite movie of all time

I'm strictly a country music girl

I could live off of Coke if I let myself, or Mountain Dew (thank you self control!)

Coffee will put me on my death bed

I believe days spent on the lake are the best days

(I also love Victoria's Secret swim suits!)
I would have my camera around my neck at all times if I could.  I take pictures of everything.  My favorite thing to shoot are action shots behind the boat!

A glass of wine or chai tea before bed is the perfect end to any day

Blogging is a new hobby of mine and I'm loving it!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time :)




Carmelized Peach and Brie Quesadilla with Honey!

My mouth started watering immediately when I pinned this recipe.  If you know me, you know that to me, brie is life.  I love brie cheese more than any food, and thankfully it's one I can still eat!  In one of my lower points in life, I even ate a whole wedge in one sitting.  Like I was a low point...but it was awesome 
My mom and I tried this recipe last week and it was so delicious.  The link below the picture is to the original recipe, but I'm giving my version!  Basically, I just made it a regular quesadilla instead of a stack.  It is originally an appetizer, we had it for dinner, but I think it would make an amazing breakfast or dessert.  It's very sweet, and so flavorful.  It can pretty much work for any meal! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Note: All pictures (with the exception of the original) were taken with my cell phone, I apologize for the quality!

What you'll need: 2 servings
  • 1 flour tortilla per quesadilla (or corn tortillas to make the gluten-free version)
  • 1 peach, sliced and sautéed quickly with chopped thyme
  • 1/8 lb of Brie cut into very thin slices (or, use as much or as little as you'd like)
  • 1/8 of one red onion sautéed in butter until caramelized
  • 2 tbs honey
 Lay tortilla shell on a flat surface.  Spread the peaches, onion, and brie evenly on one half of the shell.
{I told you I really like brie...I would not recommend this much for a normal serving!}

Fold the top of the shell over.  Place in sauté pan with a bit of oil and grill until each side is golden brown, and the cheese is melted.  When both sides are done, drizzle with honey and enjoy!



Dear Dad...

You're the best dad a girl could ask for...
I can't wait to dance with you at my wedding
Whenever I hear Michael McDonald sing "remember the day I set you free, told you you can always count on me" I picture my white poofy dress as you twirl me around.
I love that you taught me to dance from the moment I could walk
I love that you walked away from an important business conversation when the band started playing our song so we could practice.
I love that I've never been spoiled, yet I've wanted for nothing when it comes to my future
You work so hard every day so I could attend my first choice school, and have your first choice of surgeon when my heart broke
Speaking of heartbreak, you could never hurt a fly but my ex-boyfriends were still always scared of you.  The one who first broke my heart might have been threatened with his life...
I love how Dom looks up to you, wants to follow in your footsteps, and prove that he's worthy of your daughter.
You are my hero, and I love you with all my heart!
Plus...we're twins!



Friday's Letters


Dear Syracuse: Rumor has it you're going to be sunny and low 80s for the next week!  I really hope the rumors are true because 72 and rainy just isn't cutting it for me.

Dear Mama: This is been such a fun week!  I love coming over every night to make some of the recipes I've pinned.  Tonight is chicken fried steak, aka my favorite food ever that I can never eat since it's not gluten free (and sooo bad for you. But that's what makes it so delicious!).  We're going to have to get creative but I'm excited. 

Dear Revenge: You. Are. Amazing.  Even more the second time around! So happy I convinced my mom to start watching...we plan to watch the whole season before our Hulu free trial runs out. Ha!

Dear Daryl (brother): Break a leg in La Cage this weekend! I know you're nervous since it's your first lead role but it will be AWESOME. See ya tomorrow!

Dear Dad: I am so jealous you've been in NYC all week and got to see 3 shows without me :(.  But I'm excited for Father's day and you get your own post on Monday! 

Dear Rock of Ages: I'm so scared to see you! I LOVE the show, and I'm scared this won't be as good.  However, your cast is pretty awesome, so I'm optimistic!

Dear Dom: 3 weeks until your MCAT! Keep plugging, love.

Dear Eyeballs: Get ready to SEE! No more glasses or contacts, you'll be on your own in 3 weeks! LASIK will be my new best friend. 

Dear Readers: You make me SO happy, I'll never be able to tell you enough! Every reader and every comment warms my soul.  You are the best :)



WILW: Marley Lilly Edition

It's Wednesday again! That actually fills me with terror because that means my second Organic Chem exam is tomorrow, so let's see some things I am loving, okay?

But first...something I am really loving in my life!  If you read this post you know that I've been going through some stuff with my brain the past few months.  What started as a check up for possible migraines turned into an MRI to check for M.S., and subsequently the scariest day of my life.  Turns out I just have a Type 1 Chiari malformation which isn't a big deal.  However, since that post my doc decided to run an EEG just to make sure everything was working how it should, and just to be really thorough.  That came back abnormal.  Um...what? He figured it was probably nothing, but scheduled a 24 hour EEG for 3 weeks later to see what was cookin'.  And let me tell you, EEGs look pretty sexy.  Lots of wires and gauze are definitely my go-tos for a night out. Anyways, it really freaked me out.  I'm no stranger to health issues, but when my brain go involved I got really spooked.  Well, I am happy to say that as of last Thursday my brain is all good!  Still have an abnormality, but it's nothing that requires treatment.  Talk about a sigh of relief!

Okay, on to the pretty things :)
I got a lot of comments on my vlog yesterday about my monogrammed clutch and hat, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite things from my favorite place: Marley Lilly!

First, some things I have and love
 Luxe Clutch: They have it in every color! {Buy It}

Once again, every color, design or font you can imagine.
They also have ones with a card slot to hold IDs and credit cards if you dont want to bring a purse!

Floppy Sun Hat! {Here}

And now...some things I need to have!
The picture is a bit blurry but it's a gold monogrammed pendant. They are so gorgeous!

These are fabulous "Backyard BBQ Buckets" that I think would be perfect for entertaining all the friends we don't have yet in Florida.  Wishful thinking?

Foldable wine bag! Can hold 2 bottles of wine...or skinnygirl cocktails...the list goes on ;)

Adorable clutches!

Okay...Ready...set... Shop!!



Oh my goodness I did a VLOG!

I am SO excited to be participating in a Show and Tell VLOG link up today with Becky and Raven! I have never done a vlog before but it was actually really fun!  The two things I learned are that my mouth looks really big on video (awkward) and I am really bummed my first vlog is 2 days before my LASIK consult so I couldn't wear my contacts.  Still, it was definitely fun and I'm so glad I joined! Enjoy :)
Seriously?! I know I was smiling when I hit start. Where this awkward look came from I'll never know...



We'll Always Have Fiji: 2 Years Later

 Today marks the 2 year anniversary of a night that changed my life.  2 years ago today I sat on the beach of a secluded Fijian Island with a man that would turn out to be the love of my life.  If you have read our story you know that Dom and I met while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia.  Even though we were studying in the same abroad program, we didn't hang out in the same circles and didn't know each other that well.  Then, in early June we were at a birthday party for a mutual friend and both had a little too much to drink (we were legal I promise!).  Long story short, Dom invited me to go to Fiji with him and some friends the next week, and I accepted.  The second night there we had our first real conversation, and on June 11, 2010, after some liquid courage, we had our first kiss.  The rest is history! To this day I am so happy I took the risk and accepted his invite.  I can't imagine what my life would be like today if I had missed my chance to be with Dom.  I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world!  I could keep writing about how amazing Fiji was, but I think I'll let the pictures take it away.
This was our island! We spent a whole week there.  No running water...but still paradise. 
With my best friend from abroad (and still) Caitlyn, and another friend
Dom (left) and the rest of the guys getting their traditional Fijian dress

Our first picture together! He was trying to flip be over...
{Don't worry, he no longer has the earrings ;)}

Dom, thank you so much for coming into my life and changing it forever. I love you.


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