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Dear Dad...

You're the best dad a girl could ask for...
I can't wait to dance with you at my wedding
Whenever I hear Michael McDonald sing "remember the day I set you free, told you you can always count on me" I picture my white poofy dress as you twirl me around.
I love that you taught me to dance from the moment I could walk
I love that you walked away from an important business conversation when the band started playing our song so we could practice.
I love that I've never been spoiled, yet I've wanted for nothing when it comes to my future
You work so hard every day so I could attend my first choice school, and have your first choice of surgeon when my heart broke
Speaking of heartbreak, you could never hurt a fly but my ex-boyfriends were still always scared of you.  The one who first broke my heart might have been threatened with his life...
I love how Dom looks up to you, wants to follow in your footsteps, and prove that he's worthy of your daughter.
You are my hero, and I love you with all my heart!
Plus...we're twins!


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