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Friday's Letters

Dear Today: I am so happy you finally came.  For the first time since April 3rd I woke up smiling with no worries on my mind.  Life is beautiful today :)

Dear Brain: THANK YOU for being okay.
Dear Organic Chemistry: I thought you would be miserable, but you're not so bad so far.  And I totally owned you on that last exam...sorry ;)
Dear Dom: I can't tell you how excited I am to see you this weekend.  Your MCAT studying has kept you so busy, I almost forget what you look like! I've never been so excited to spend time with you, even if it's barely a day.
Dear I'll Have Another- Let's get that Triple Crown!

Dear Mom & Dad: Thank you for hanging out with me this past week while I waited for my results and pretending it was just because you missed me.  It doesn't matter how old you are, sometimes you just need your mama.
Dear Gluten Free Beer: I was unaware you existed. But, I love you.
Dear Gym: We haven't seen each other a lot lately, and I must admit I was okay with that.  However, yesterday you kicked my butt so badly my whole body hurts today.  But it hurts so good.
Dear Luke Bryan: Ugh, thank you for existing. Yum.
Dear Weekend: I have a feeling you'll be a good one.



  1. Love love love your new design! :) So cute! Great Friday letters!


  2. organic chem. ewwww. my stomach hurts when I see Chem I on a student's schedule. I always wonder about those chem majors ... why oh why? honestly though, I wish I were that smart.

  3. Absolutely love your new blog design!! So pretty and such a great color combo! :)

  4. Cute blog. I'm kinda new to this. Is this a link up? I love the concept of Friday Letters. :)

  5. haha love this. especially the luke bryan part

  6. You're adorable! I promise I'll get on that button swap asap with you ;) Right after I enjoy this gorgeous weekend-- I hope you enjoy yours girl!!!

  7. GIRL! I love your blog and Aubrey did such a great job on your design. I am from the south and I must say, you'd fit right in. I could picture some sweet tea on a front porch right about now. Love your blog and your about is so sweet. I am a BIG fan of NY though. Manhattan is my jam {That's the only city Ive been to}. Enjoy your weekend!


  8. Oh yes, I'm with you on Luke Bryan!

  9. Aww! These are beautiful! Hooray for health and happiness girl! I hope you have a spectacular weekend!


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