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It's time to dish about...The Bachelorette!

So I am beyond devastated that my iphoto is not working.  Do any of you lovely ladies have any advice?! I can't do any of my planned posts without pictures! Plus iphoto has my life contained in those thousands of photos...very scary.  However, I don't need any pictures to gossip about this weeks episode of the bachelorette!

Okay, so I am going to preface this by saying my memory might be a tad fuzzy because I had my girlfriend over and there were quite a few cocktails flowing.  {side note: Skinnygirl pina colada and nutella= Amazing!}  Also, my friend had the bright idea to drink whenever Doug talked about his son or Chris complained so... it was a great night!

Okay, first off
At first, I could not believe he hadn't told Emily about his relationship with Cassie.  But then, Chris made it seem like it was forever ago and not a big deal.  We even hear Cassie saying she's only seen him twice in the past 10 years. Not exactly scandelous.  While I had a feeling she would be upset, I didn't think it was anything to ruin the relationship over and I am so glad they moved on and got over it!  Arie is such a sweetheart and I knew he would have a good explanation! I still just love him.

However, I also love me some
How precious was it when we went through the streets trying to find Emily? I couldn't help but laugh thinking how the producers had to know where she was, and were just watching him search!  I love how happy she is when Sean finds her, and those smooches got steamy!  I hope Emily remembers to cover Ricki's eyes. ;)  I am so torn.  I absolutely love Sean, and think Emily does too.  You can tell by how she looks at him she's into him, but I don't know if their relationship is at the love point yet.  I hope the hometown visit is enough to seal the deal!

Jef with one f
Melt my heart.  Jef is just such a sweetheart I want to cut his hair and then have him follow me wherever I go.  I was dying laughing during their puppet show!  I know some people thought it was cheesy but I thought it was so sweet and absolutely hysterical.  My favorite was when he complimented Emily on her nail polish and she responded with "Oh thanks I'm never going to change it." HAHA. Come on, you all know you thought like that in middle school too!  Also, "I want to date you so hard and marry the @#$% out of you" was pretty precious too! I just adore him.  And he said the loveee word!  Things are getting steamy in bachelorette land.

Oh my.  That kiss. I can't even relive it since I watched it while covering my eyes.  Bless his heart.

Gag me with a spoon.  He has serious anger issues which was Emily's problem with Brad! If he can't handle being on the show how is he going to handle raising Ricki, let alone the million other babies Emily plans to have?  I think she needs to kick him to the curb. STAT.

I think he is a really great guy, he just didn't open up enough.  I really liked him but I think he got into the friend zone by accident.  I wish she had sent Chris home instead, but it was going to be either John or Chris regardless.

My predictions?  I don't know! I am pretty positive Arie will be in the top 2, if not be The One.  However, between Sean and Jef I don't know! Jef seems like he will be wonderful with children, but Sean has those great family values (and arms) that I think Emily really loves.  I don't think I could make that decision. I guess I'll just have to wait and see! Maybe with less booze next week.

Ha, I kid.



  1. I totally think she is going to pick Arie, but I'm rooting for Jef! Idk why but I've just never been crazy about Arie, he's OK. Jef seems more genuine!

    For the Record

  2. I love, love, LOVE Sean. He is absolutely adorable! I like Arie too...I just don't know how Emily will deal with his life and being put back into the racing life. I use to think Jef with one f was weird butttt he's so sweet to Emily and they seem really giddy around one another! I don't know...i'm torn! I think Jef is going to win!

  3. Found your review on More From Meg. I hope Sean and Jef are the final two. Arie is just too staged for me. Great review though!!

  4. Jef really grew on me last nigh, I hope it is between him and Sean although I can definitely see Arie at the end. I agree with you too I wish she had send Chris home instead he was really annoying me last night like a weeping baby

  5. I would be happy if any of them ended up at the end as long as Jef is there!! :) thanks for linking up today girlie!!

  6. I agree 100% with everything that you wrote. lol, couldn't have said it better!!


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