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My Weekend: Brains, Beauty and Gala

Well, it was definitely an interesting weekend.  I spent the first 24 hours with 20 something electrodes stuck to my head, then wrapped in gauze and a whole lot of tape.  The wires were wrapped in fabric and attached to a harness that ways strapped around my torso.  I slept wonderfully, as you can imagine.  I will go into more detail after I get the results back.  My neurologist told me dad he'd read it over the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

On to the fun part!  My mom was out of town for Friday night so I was my dad's date to a hospital gala!  It was held at the Turning Stone Casino and the ballroom was gorgeous!
Sorry about my creepy eyes, my red-eye detector isn't working! idea? ;)

My dad was invited to the gala because he is the medical director for the company that is the main sponsor for the event.  That meant we barely knew anyone, so we had a ball and danced all night.  Literally, we were the last people on the dance floor and one of the waitresses gave us 2 centerpieces because she loved our dancing!  My dad took ballroom dancing all through college and med school to meet girls, and we have been dancing together since I could walk!  Practice for my wedding. :) I'm so happy Kate Middleton made it cool to repeat outfits.  I got to re-wear my favorite gown from Crouse Hospital's Gala last September!
Doesn't he look handsome?


Are you guys as excited for the Miss USA Pageant as I am? I love watching every year.  I can't get over how gorgeous the evening gowns are, and I love hearing about how awesome these girls are too.  It's nice that it isn't just their outer beauty.  So far (I'm writing this half way through) Miss Oklahoma is my favorite.  Absolutely stunning!  And she reminds me of Kelle Hampton who I'm not so subtly obsessed with.  
I love Texas and Arkansas too.  I am SO pleased to see how healthy looking these girls are!  Usually there are a few that are way too thin.  This year, some of the girls are fuller bodied and they are the most gorgeous! I think that sends a good message to young girls watching.  I know I watched every year when I was little and wanted to be one of them so badly!  Having girls look real is so refreshing!


  1. how fun that you got to go to the gala with your dad! :)

  2. That gala sounds so fun!! I love that you and your dad dance together so much :) I also LOVE the Miss USA pageant! lol And I completely agree they looked good this year. Not so many bones sticking out everywhere!!

  3. Modern ballet dancers have only been able to dance en point since the development of ballet shoe technology. Highland dancers also dance en point (mainly the men) and they do it in a soft shoe!


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