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Oh my goodness I did a VLOG!

I am SO excited to be participating in a Show and Tell VLOG link up today with Becky and Raven! I have never done a vlog before but it was actually really fun!  The two things I learned are that my mouth looks really big on video (awkward) and I am really bummed my first vlog is 2 days before my LASIK consult so I couldn't wear my contacts.  Still, it was definitely fun and I'm so glad I joined! Enjoy :)
Seriously?! I know I was smiling when I hit start. Where this awkward look came from I'll never know...



  1. You are so stinkin' cute!

    Love the pink shoes, to die for! Glad your friend talked you into them!

    Fun vlog :)!

  2. Cute vlog! I love that scarf. What part of Florida are you moving to? I live near Tampa. Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  3. Robin, where was the clutch and hat from?? I am heading to vegas and I need a fabulous clutch!!!
    You did great girlfriend!

  4. That scarf is so cute! Love it!

  5. Vlogging is so scary! Yours was so cute along with your blog. Love the shoes and purse. I live in Florida! Where are you moving too? Anyway thanks for visiting my
    Blog. I look forward to reading more of your blog

  6. Hiiiii stopping by from the linkup! You are so cute! I love your blog & your about me! I think you look so cute in your glasses! Anyways I love that pink bag, where's that from?! Just fabulous! New follower!

  7. Okay-I need those shoes!!!
    Stopping by from the link up and your newest follower :)

  8. Love your vlog! & those shoes!!

  9. ok so you are just too cute!! You look like a friend of mine who is from know those spicy brazilians :)

    um I NEED THOSE SHOES. Those are the BEST shoes I have EVER seen.

    "I used to be really fun before I was a real person" LOL!!! Isn't THAT the truth! Wait til you have will NEVER EVER have any fun again. Ever.

    ok kidding.


    this was great!! thank so much for linking up with us!!

  10. Oh my gosh. You are s cute! Great Vlog. Newest follower!

  11. First, you are gorgeous and so cute friend! And your mouth totally doesn't look big... it shows off your beautiful teeth!

    I love the ring from your parents, its absolutely gorgeous!

    I have those guess shoes... but in grey!! they are HOTT!

    and do you know that I am the goddess of scarfs... especially colorful and different ones... and yours? i WANT TO STEAL!

    Have fun in FLORIDA... especially with that gorgeous hat!

  12. OH.EMM.GEE. you are the cutest ever!!!!! :) I love love love everything you showed! The scarf, hat and clutch are my favorites though! I hope you do more! You're great at them!


    Have a great time in Flordia! <3

  13. Love your blog and vlog! That bag and scarf are to die for. On the website now adding them to my wish list.

    This vlog link up has been so much fun!
    Good luck in Florida!

  14. you are so cute! love that scarf! those shoes are fabulous! Girl I need those shoes lol!

    What a cute vlog and blog

  15. You are adorable!! What area of NY do you live in? I'm a Jersey girl! I LOVE both Marley Lilly things and now I have to head over there to get me some too! :)

  16. Thanks for sharing! Love the pink purse! I really like your scrapbook and think that is such a sweet gift. And, whenever you need a pick me up you know where to look!

  17. I love your vlog - you are so cute!!! That scarf is adorable!

  18. I loved being able to hear your voice for the first time! It may sound creeper-ish, but we don't really think about not being able to hear each other in this amazing blogging world. Cute vlog, though! I had fun watching! :)

  19. You are so pretty! I love those pink shoes and your rings! :)

  20. I wouldn't worry about not being able to wear the contacts. I think the glasses look cute. Have fun in FL. I lived in Orlando for three years and loved it. I wouldn't have moved if it wouldn't have been for meeting my husband. I also checked out your post 'our story' which I didn't see a comment form for, so I'll comment here that I liked it. It's funny how opinions can change. When I first started talking to my husband I was determined not to like him either which obviously changed since I ended up marrying him.


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