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Pictures and random tidbits about yours truly!

Since my readership has almost doubled in the past week or so I figured it was time to do a little post with some pictures and random facts about me!  These are my favorite posts to read about other bloggers, so I figured I would re-introduce myself a little!

The Basics:
I am Robin (duh) and my boyfriend is Dom
I live in Syracuse, he lives in Rochester and we have been long distance for 2 years. However...
We're moving to Florida in August!
Med School for him
Masters in Dietetics for me

The fun stuff
I love the ocean, and need to live near water

I have a strange obsession with etiquette books and read them for fun

I live in a 3 bedroom house with 2 roommates who do not speak english
I LOVE Montauk, NY

My drink of choice is jack and coke (or strawberry frozen margarita!)

I once danced in a cage in Australia...I don't remember, but there are pictures...
I'd kill for this tan back!
Even though I grew up in Syracuse, I consider Washington, D.C. home
...although I would happily consider this home too!
Contrary to the above picture, I am terrified of heights.
I don't like spiders either
My idea of being outdoorsy is getting drunk on patios
Love Actually is my favorite movie of all time

I'm strictly a country music girl

I could live off of Coke if I let myself, or Mountain Dew (thank you self control!)

Coffee will put me on my death bed

I believe days spent on the lake are the best days

(I also love Victoria's Secret swim suits!)
I would have my camera around my neck at all times if I could.  I take pictures of everything.  My favorite thing to shoot are action shots behind the boat!

A glass of wine or chai tea before bed is the perfect end to any day

Blogging is a new hobby of mine and I'm loving it!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time :)




  1. Great post - loved reading all this fun stuff about you!! :)

  2. Oh my wordddd, can we be BFFs?! We have so much in common! I'll tell you-- there is nothing better than being near the water or ocean or beach, etc. I love it! Wish I wasn't planted in the middle of Ohio!!! Maybe once day I'll get to a coast for good!

    Also- strawberry margaritas?! Heck yes. And Mt Dew is my BIGGEST weakness!! lol

  3. We live so close to each other!

    Love the introduction! I know you can't wait to no longer be long distance :)


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