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Recipe: Pinwheels! Cute, quick and delicious

From looking at this blog, you probably wouldn't see that I'm passionate about cooking and baking, but  I actually love it!  In high school I would bake something new almost every week, and it's my favorite way to get creative.  Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way and a nap suddenly becomes more appealing than cooking and then cleaning up afterward.  Especially living alone, it's easier to buy my meals instead of make them.  However, I recently made a quick meal for myself that was so yummy I had to share!  There's nothing new or special about it, but it's something I think people forget about.  It is quick, very variable, and great as an appetizer, a snack or a meal for one.  Without further ado, here is my recipe for pinwheels!


What you will need:
  • A wrap- I use corn tortilla wraps because I'm gluten-free, but any will do
  • Your choice of meat
  • Choice of cheese
  • Lettuce (not pictured)
  • Anything else you want! I used jalapenos and spicy mayo to give it a kick  

Directions could not be any easier.  Just assemble the wrap how you want it, and fold it up.  Then, I put it in a skillet on medium heat to melt the cheese.  Make sure to get both sides so it is nice and warm all over.

Then, take it off the heat, cut it up and you're all set.  I added some veggies for a side and sweet tea and was good to go! :)


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