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That time I gave my boyfriend luck and he tried to kill me

Yep, that's right.  I tried to be a good girlfriend and give my boyfriend a relaxing night off and he tried to kill me. That's love.
We started the night at our favorite date spot, Chocolate and Vines.

Dom has been so stressed studying for his MCAT and was at his breaking point. His practice scores were dropping and everything was getting overwhelming. I convinced him to take a night off to recharge, and told him I'd be his good luck charm for his practice exam the next day. I drove out for a quick visit so we could have our date. Chocolate and Vines is in this adorable house, and the downstairs has been converted to a restaurant. They have tons of gourmet cheeses, wines and chocolates. Everything is so delicious and just the atmosphere started to relax Dom.
After stuffing our faces (okay, just my face) we headed back and relaxed and slept. Perfect night. Serious girlfriend points.

And then it happened.

I have cereal for breakfast literally every morning, so Dom decided to be cute and pour mine will I was getting dressed. I came back and had a few bites and proceeded to sneeze 12 times. That's perfectly weird normal for me so I kept eating. Then my throat hurt, but for some reason it tasted really good so I kept eating. Then Dom all cute and proud asked,

"How do you like your milk?!"

"Um, actually tastes good, why?"

"Cause it's almond milk!"

Oh, you know, almonds. Just the reason I carry an epi pen wherever I go. Boyfriend fail. Quite a few drugs later I was fine, but very drowsy. Too bad the only thing worse for me than almonds is coffee.

Oh and Dom's score? Jumped 5 points.



  1. 5 points on the MCAT is a big deal! Also, so glad you're okay, but kind of a funny story! I like how he was super excited that you liked it, forgetting you were allergic. Good try, BF, good try.

    Love your blog! So cute!

  2. just found your blog and am a new follower :):) loved this post, glad you're ok! it's cute though that he was trying to be sweat :-P please come check out my blog some time!!

  3. oh my god! that is hilarious/a bit scary! thank god you are ok because I can imagine how horrible he must have felt!

    i really like your blog. it's so cute and you seem like such a happy person. definitely following. hope you can check out my blog and follow me back.


  4. I swear boys do that kinda stuff all the time! And their intentions were so sweet so you can't get mad at them. Darn boys.


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