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WILW: Marley Lilly Edition

It's Wednesday again! That actually fills me with terror because that means my second Organic Chem exam is tomorrow, so let's see some things I am loving, okay?

But first...something I am really loving in my life!  If you read this post you know that I've been going through some stuff with my brain the past few months.  What started as a check up for possible migraines turned into an MRI to check for M.S., and subsequently the scariest day of my life.  Turns out I just have a Type 1 Chiari malformation which isn't a big deal.  However, since that post my doc decided to run an EEG just to make sure everything was working how it should, and just to be really thorough.  That came back abnormal.  Um...what? He figured it was probably nothing, but scheduled a 24 hour EEG for 3 weeks later to see what was cookin'.  And let me tell you, EEGs look pretty sexy.  Lots of wires and gauze are definitely my go-tos for a night out. Anyways, it really freaked me out.  I'm no stranger to health issues, but when my brain go involved I got really spooked.  Well, I am happy to say that as of last Thursday my brain is all good!  Still have an abnormality, but it's nothing that requires treatment.  Talk about a sigh of relief!

Okay, on to the pretty things :)
I got a lot of comments on my vlog yesterday about my monogrammed clutch and hat, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite things from my favorite place: Marley Lilly!

First, some things I have and love
 Luxe Clutch: They have it in every color! {Buy It}

Once again, every color, design or font you can imagine.
They also have ones with a card slot to hold IDs and credit cards if you dont want to bring a purse!

Floppy Sun Hat! {Here}

And now...some things I need to have!
The picture is a bit blurry but it's a gold monogrammed pendant. They are so gorgeous!

These are fabulous "Backyard BBQ Buckets" that I think would be perfect for entertaining all the friends we don't have yet in Florida.  Wishful thinking?

Foldable wine bag! Can hold 2 bottles of wine...or skinnygirl cocktails...the list goes on ;)

Adorable clutches!

Okay...Ready...set... Shop!!



  1. Oh my word I'm absolutely obsessed with all your amazing monogram pics. I got the derby hat earlier in the spring time to wear pool side. Great investment. P.S. I love your new blog look and I even emailed the designer to help me with mine. Of course, I'll still keep my Lilly prints linked in some way. ;)

  2. I'm obsessed with ALL of these items! I would serious monogram my toilet paper if I could. No shame :)


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