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A bride and a bromance.

It was another whirlwind weekend! A little in Syracuse, a little in Ithaca and a quick trip to Rochester and before I knew it Monday was back.  
I hate it when that happens. 
Friday was my best friend's engagement party!
It really seems like yesterday that we were awkward high school freshman and now we're here! One getting married, the rest of us bridesmaids.
Dom was adamant about wearing his pink pants and Felicia was thrilled! Her wedding colors are teal and coral so he has become the official wedding mascot.  And he is never allowed to change his pants.
After the party Dom and I drove out to Ithaca for a mini Australia reunion with some of or best friends from abroad.  We went out Saturday night (we do NOT bounce back like we used to!) and went gorge jumping on Sunday.  If you have spent time in any part of NY you have probably seen "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirts and it's true! There are tons of beautiful gorges to see or jump off.  They really are gorgeous. ;)

Still my favorite part of the weekend? Dom meeting Caitlyn's boyfriend.  And falling in love.  I don't think they had any idea we were there.  
I love guy love.



Lilly Fall Favorites

I am by no means ready for summer to be over, but I just couldn't resist checking out some of the new fashions for fall! I love fall clothing and it's one of the few things I'm going to miss moving to Florida.  Lilly released some looks from their fall line and I. am. in. love. 
Delila Dress
So cute and so versatile. My closet will not be complete without it!

 Kinley Sweater Dress
 Simple, colorful and cute. Love it! 
Helena Sweater Dress   
I love the ruffle detail on the skirt, and that the dress is so simple.  You can accessorize with reckless abandon! 
Mara Dress 
Pink + Lace = Perfection
 Laney Dress
 This is my favorite from the collection, I don't think I could pick one pattern! 

What are your favorites for this Fall?



Glasses, Awkwardness and the Olympics

 Like every other sane person on this planet, I am beyond excited for the Opening Ceremonies tonight! I love everything about the Olympics and really wish I wasn't completely talentless so I could compete one day.  However, after looking through these old pictures, if looking awkward, scary and homeless was an Olympic sport, I would have won the gold.  In honor of the Olympics starting tonight, I though I'd sacrifice my dignity and share some pictures of my per-orthodontia smile.  Continue with caution. 

Ah 2000.  I was 11 and my awkward stage was in full glory.  So try really hard to look past the scary teeth and scarier hair for a few minutes, because 2000 was also the year my parents took my brother and me to Australia for the Olympics!

Unfortunately, my 11 year old memory isn't that great, so save for a few things (like waiting for a country we didn't recognize to start their march of the athletes so I could go pee) I don't remember too much of the Opening Ceremonies.  What I do remember was how incredible it was to be surrounded by so many thousands of people all speaking different languages.

 Note the super awesome flowers on my jeans.  It was very fashionable I tell you. And my mom's fanny pack. Awesome.

 All of the competing Olympians!

My dad made us post updates on our website for our friends at home to read.  He likes to say we had the original blog, before blogging was popular. Apparently the word of the year was "neat."

"We went to the opening ceremonies tonight!!! It was so neat!!!" "We went into The Outback today, it was neat!!"

I was a very profound child.

Men's gymnastics.  I was way too young to appreciate the yumminess.

Before the USA soccer game

 Medal Ceremony!


My only regret of the trip was not forcing my parents to take me to see men's swimming.  I mean, those little outfits could not be tighter or smaller.  Sadly, 11 year old me cared more about my stuffed mascots.  Silly girl.

What sport are you most excited for?



23 in 23

Today I'm linking up with the hilarious Erin to tell you what I'll be doing in this year of my life! Take your age, make a list with that many things and go link yourself up!

23 in 23

1. Actually use my Zumba Instructor License.  What better way to make money than stay fit and teach old ladies to shake it to Latin music?

2. Take an impromptu weekend trip to Key West and clap at the sunsets. 

 3.  Gain 10lbs. And keep it on

4. Get my hunky boyfriend to put a ring on it. Just an idea.

5. Perfect the Southern girl hair tease. That's what Florida girls do, right?!

6. Become Emily Maynard.
7. Become okay with the whole Dom joining the Navy after medical school thing. Yes, I'm proud and supportive and all that jazz.  But mostly, I'm scared.  Why doesn't anyone ever admit that?

8. Become a master mixologist. 

9. Learn to cook well and enjoy it. Like a good Italian wife would.

10. Get to 500 GFC followers. 

11. Find my bloggy niche. A few months in and I'm still trying to figure out my voice and get into the blogging rhythm, if you will.  Hopefully I'll figure that out so those 350 followers I need for #10 will come running!

12. Throw a killer bachelorette party for my best friend. That she'll never remember... 

13. Make friends in Florida.  I haven't had to make friends since freshman year in college. I don't think I remember how...

14.  Start working out regularly

15. Have Dom come home from a long day at med school to a big traditional Italian meal that actually tastes good.  Will prompt #4.

16. Join any kind of club that is really just an excuse to get together and drink with girlfriends.

17. Travel to at least 1 new country. Or 10.

18.  Strengthen my relationship with God.  Although getting up in a frat house at 8am after a Saturday night party to go to church should have gotten Dom and I a lot of brownie points. 

19.  Learn to use my DSLR and photoshop that's been on my shelf for half a year.

20. Start attempting to have a healthier diet.  To counteract all the fancy drinks I'll be mixing up and the wine from my club.

21.  Get the nerve to color my hair

22. Go to Disney for the first time. Don't make me wait until I have babies!

 23.Pick a Florida football team and become a real fan, not just someone who loves football because calories don't count when you're watching a game.  Obviously.



What to get the girl once she has the ring...

Ever since one of my best friends got engaged, all I have been thinking about is weddings, weddings, weddings!  Well, I've always thought that way, but now I have an excuse to think about weddings all day, every day.  My group of girlfriends from high school are all bridesmaids, and I want it to be July 13, 2013 now.  With Felicia's engagement party coming up, I've been searching for the perfect fun gift for a bride! Of course I turned to Pinterest and found some great ideas.  Now Pinterest just needs to let me have a private board so she doesn't see! Here are some things I've been loving.

I love this so much I want to get it for myself.  I love the color scheme (possible wedding colors?) and I think anything with the bride's new monogram is the perfect touch for a bride-to-be!  Marley Lilly is my favorite place to get monogrammed gifts, so I will probably buy a bunch and attempt to make it look as gorgeous as this!  Plus, she can sip wine out of that adorable wine glass while flipping through the bridal magazine!

Another basket I love, but this one has a ring pop! Too cute!

These are a must for any bridal basket, in my humble opinion.

This cracks me up every time I see it.  Gotta make sure that groom knows his place! As adorable as these pillows are, I would love to find these in mugs or koozies that the bride and groom can laugh at for years to come.

Once again, another basket idea! This Marley Lilly cutting board would be the perfect start to a cooking themed basket.  I'm thinking about getting the board in her wedding colors, and then filling the basket with cookbooks and fun cooking utensils! I don't think I'll be able to give it away when the time comes though... :)

Do you have any great gift ideas for a newly engaged bride? I'd love to hear your advice!



Bachelorette Finale- No Spoilers, promise!

Today I'm linking up one final time with Meg to talk about the Bachelorette Finale!  I'm not going to give away who she picks, just in case any of y'all have it tivo-ed. I'm also going to keep it short and sweet since ABC had to move it to Sunday night and I have to be up early tomorrow!  Anyways, let's get to dishing!

Coming into tonight I was very nervous.  The previews saying it was the "most dramatic finale yet" had me worried something awful would happen.  I have loved all along how real Emily is with this whole thing (or as real as you could possibly be on reality TV) and I would have been really disappointed if it all came undone.  I am happy to say that it really wasn't that dramatic, and I am very happy about the way Emily handled making her final decision and letting the other guy down gently.

I only have one major complaint about the whole thing.  What the $%@# kind of proposal set up was that?! Seriously, they are on a beautiful island and they set up the "stage" in between 2 rundown buildings?  My girlfriends and I thought that there must have been some kind of joke going on, and I am still shocked that was the actual set up.  If I were Emily I would have been seriously disappointed! Still, I just about died watching the proposal.  I love that Emily told him he was the only guy there before he proposed, so his words could come straight from the heart with no fear.  His words were so loving and sweet, we were all clapping and squealing like crazy the entire time!

Next came my favorite part of the whole season, the After the Final Rose special! I am always so anxious to see if they are still together.  Even though I don't think many women watch this show actually thinking the relationship will work out, it's fun to see when it does!  Emily and her main squeeze looked so happy and their love was literally oozing.  Even Chris Harrison was beaming! (Although, my one friends was sad his tie was not "vibrant" enough...must have been the bottle of wine followed by wine ice cream.  Yes, it's real.) I kept catching Emily and her man looking at her belly too, and I was really hoping for some baby news! But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself ;).  All in all, I adored seeing the happy family of 3! I really loved Emily as a bachelorette, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sean as the next Bachelor! My application will be ready and waiting.

Where you guys happy with who she picked?! 

Until Next season,



Friday's Letters

Dear sketchy apartment in the not so good part of town: I am very excited to part ways with you in 11 days! Dear Closet: You are glorious and huge and I am not looking forward to packing you up this weekend. Dear Mama and Papa: Thanks for letting me move back in with you for a few weeks, I know you've missed me! Dear Dom: You're in the UK without me. No letter for you. But thanks for the flowers :) Dear Grandma Carmen: Happy 92nd birthday! I hope I'm as fiesty as you are and that I never get wrinkles just like you. Dear OPI "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot:" You are my new favorite.  Never leave my toes.  Dear Emily: Please realize your mistake and call Sean back! Jef is a good second choice though. Dear Sean: Call me, maybe? ;) Dear new readers: I am SO happy you are here! Thanks to some amazing sponsors and link-ups, my blog has doubled in the past week and I could not be more excited! Blogging becomes a bigger passion every day and I absolutely adore every single person for reading! Dear long distance: We've kicked your ass for 2 years and you better believe you won't get the best of us! Dear Daryl: Thank you for the exchange that for some reason had me laughing nonstop last night...
Dear Friday: I'm glad you're here.




My kind of paradise

I'm going to be honest with you all, I don't have it in me to write a real post!  Dom left for Ireland a few hours ago and I'm bummed out. If any of you have been in a long distance relationship you know that some days you're just sad and there's no getting around it.  My Organic Chem exam tomorrow isn't helping either.  Not going to lie, all I want to do is take a wine slushie to the face and crawl into bed. So, I figured I'd leave you with some pictures of the gorgeous lake house I was at this weekend, while I get into bed and feel blessed to have someone I love enough to miss this badly!

Dom's neighbors recently purchased this lake home on Lake George.  It is without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever been! We spent the day there with his whole family and family friends.  There were margaritas, sun, water and boating.  Absolutely perfect day. :)

{Too much fun will catch up to you after awhile}


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