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Bachelorette Finale- No Spoilers, promise!

Today I'm linking up one final time with Meg to talk about the Bachelorette Finale!  I'm not going to give away who she picks, just in case any of y'all have it tivo-ed. I'm also going to keep it short and sweet since ABC had to move it to Sunday night and I have to be up early tomorrow!  Anyways, let's get to dishing!

Coming into tonight I was very nervous.  The previews saying it was the "most dramatic finale yet" had me worried something awful would happen.  I have loved all along how real Emily is with this whole thing (or as real as you could possibly be on reality TV) and I would have been really disappointed if it all came undone.  I am happy to say that it really wasn't that dramatic, and I am very happy about the way Emily handled making her final decision and letting the other guy down gently.

I only have one major complaint about the whole thing.  What the $%@# kind of proposal set up was that?! Seriously, they are on a beautiful island and they set up the "stage" in between 2 rundown buildings?  My girlfriends and I thought that there must have been some kind of joke going on, and I am still shocked that was the actual set up.  If I were Emily I would have been seriously disappointed! Still, I just about died watching the proposal.  I love that Emily told him he was the only guy there before he proposed, so his words could come straight from the heart with no fear.  His words were so loving and sweet, we were all clapping and squealing like crazy the entire time!

Next came my favorite part of the whole season, the After the Final Rose special! I am always so anxious to see if they are still together.  Even though I don't think many women watch this show actually thinking the relationship will work out, it's fun to see when it does!  Emily and her main squeeze looked so happy and their love was literally oozing.  Even Chris Harrison was beaming! (Although, my one friends was sad his tie was not "vibrant" enough...must have been the bottle of wine followed by wine ice cream.  Yes, it's real.) I kept catching Emily and her man looking at her belly too, and I was really hoping for some baby news! But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself ;).  All in all, I adored seeing the happy family of 3! I really loved Emily as a bachelorette, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sean as the next Bachelor! My application will be ready and waiting.

Where you guys happy with who she picked?! 

Until Next season,



  1. Hey! I saw the finaly but I have the after the rose on tevo!

    With the decision, Yes and No!

    Yes because I believed she picked the right guy and she did the right thing, because the one who went home, I did not like him. He seemed fake to me...

    No because I was in love with Sean, and I still think sean is the best fit for her!

    He better be the next bachelor! lol

    Yesi <3 xox

  2. Loved how it turned out. I think she should have picked Sean too. But I think she picked 2nd best. Hopefully everything will work out for them.

  3. Hey girl!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can see my post about it here:

    Hope you're having an awesome week so far! :)


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