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Friday's Letters and Weekly Wipe-outs

Dear Lake George, Even though I grew up on Keuka Lake, you have quickly stolen a place in my heart.  You are so beautiful by day, and your outdoor bars by the lake are the perfect way to spend weekend summer nights. Dear Dom's Parents, thank you for choosing to live 10 minutes from Lake George, and for having us this weekend.  I always feel so at home in your home. :) Dear Cousin Mark, I literally cannot wait to see you on Sunday when you visit from Fort Campbell, however, I am more excited to meet the new lady! You didn't deserve what happened to you, and your happiness means so much to all of us. Dear women who cheat on their husbands while they are serving our country overseas, there is a special place in Hell for you.  Get excited. Dear Mom & Dad, Congratulations on 28 years of marriage tomorrow! I love that you still hold hands everywhere you go.  I love that you're still the last two to leave the dance floor.  I love the example you set for me and my future marriage.  I love all of that so much I have decided to be a big person and forgive you for forgetting to invite my to Puerto Rico with you two this week.  I'm sure it just slipped your mind. Dear Marley Lilly, Thank you so much for the crazy opportunity to write for The Monogrammed Life! I'm so honored and excited. Dear Boat, thank you for the hilarious shots below.

Weekly Wipe-outs!!




  1. those pics are AMAZING!!!! esp the last 2 and the 3rd one hahaha i love them!

    i have been dying to get up to lake george! i am going to need to go asap!!!

    and yeah the cheating hubby thing. holy crap. how do theylive with themselves!!

    have a great weekend girl :-)


  2. LOL- I love the 'weekly wipeouts'

    Cheating is the one thing I will NEVER UNDERSTAND. UGH!

  3. Love the wipeout photos! And I completely agree about the cheating thing. Not okay, not in the least.

  4. Stopping by from the link-up! Super cute blog! & Congrats on the upcoming move!


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