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Friday's Letters

Dear Dom: I am so proud of you for getting to your MCAT! Right now you are sitting in a little cubicle taking an exam that could determine the rest of your life.  Since the day you graduated you haven't let your focus stray from this one exam.  Even when your grade plateaued you didn't give up and with a little reassessment your practice score jumped.  You never give up.  You work harder than anyone I know and I love you so much! I'll love you regardless of if you get a 20 or a 30 or a 40 (helloooo Harvard) I'm so happy this phase is done!!!

Dear Eyes: If all went well you can see all by yourself today! I'm sorry I can't put make-up on you for a week, but I'm more sorry for everyone who needs to look at me.

Dear Lake House: I have so many couples that need to fall in love while visiting you this weekend, so please have gorgeous weather and be rustic and romantic!

Dear Florida State Univ.: Please let Dom in! It would be a dream come true and between you and me, Dom doesn't want to ask my father for permission to marry me until he has been excepted into med school.  So work with me, ok?

Dear Old Car: Thank you for 7 years of adventures! You were a great little car but at 15 years old it was time to retire you.  Plus, at some point a girl needs automatic locks, windows and cruise control! You will be definitely missed :)

Dear Big Bang Theory: Keep being hilarious.



  1. Wow, sounds like you've got a lot going on this Friday! Congrats on the new car and the [soon to be] ring on your finger! Jealous of your Florida move.... Maybe I'll follow in your footsteps....

    Here via Friday's Letters.

  2. Soooo glad your eyes are doing well! :) That must be sooo awesome! And uhhhh you totally just got me excited for your upcoming engagement ;) Go Dom, Go!!

  3. Hi from Fridays Letters!

    I've heard of A TON of people going to their lake houses lately. I want one! lol.

    Also- Big Bang Theory is AMAZING.

  4. Hmmm.. Is someone playing match maker? ;)

    Happy weekend, I hope everything goes SO well with schools :-D

    HOORAY for new cars!

  5. So your boyfriend applied/is applying to FSU Med school?! I live in Tallahassee! Small, crazy world. :) Good luck to him with that!!


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