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I confess...

...I have a stuffed moose.  I really don't know what I'm supposed to do with him when I move with Dom to Florida.  I have a feeling one of them will have to leave...Moose has been with me 23 years...Dom, only 2...;)

.. I have to sit on a cushion when I drive because I can't see over the steering wheel, and my car doesn't have seat adjustments

...I use my hair straightener to iron my clothes when I'm in a rush.  Sometimes when I'm not.

...I screen my phone calls

...I once got a 38 on a Biology exam in college.  And I tried.

...during finals I usually had to buy more clothes to put off doing laundry

...Whenever someone tells me to "go eat a sandwich" I want to tell them to "go get on a treadmill" and see how they like it.

...I can inappropriately emotionally attached to inanimate objects (see number 1)

...I love jewelry but end up wearing pearl studs and the same drop pearl necklace almost every day

...I love people and being social most of the time, but I will pretend to text if I don't feel like talking to someone in a grocery store

  ...I have never been able to open water bottles by myself.  Soda, Gatorade, any other bottles are fine...just not water.

...I would do anything to gain 10lbs.

...I like sleeping more than I like most people

...I teared up when I got to 10 GFC followers



  1. I ALWAYS iron stuff with my straightener!!

  2. I have never heard of using a straightener to iron - but that is a fabulous idea!!! :) I also wear pearl studs almost everyday!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post! Made my day!!!

    thanks for sharing! Being perfect is so over rated


  4. Haha we're so much alike! I hate irons so I always use my straightener on short hems/sleeves that can't be ironed with a steamer. And I alwayyys do the texting trick because sometimes it's just awkward to run into people! And I got multiple tests back with scores in the 30's in college in this one History class.. but ended up with a B+ so.. who knows.

  5. I allllways use my flat iron on clothes, lol! perfect time saver :) And if I'm being honest, I think I've used a REAL iron like 3 times,

    Stuffed moose-- like a real one that hangs on a wall?! Or a stuffed plush animal type of thing?! lol

  6. I can't seem to gain weight either, people tell me I am too skinny but they don't understand there is nothing I can do about it.


  7. I totally wear the same jewelry pretty much every day even though I am a stylist for Stella & Dot, opps! =)

    I have a fantastic idea - I will GIVE you 10 lbs of my weight! Aren't I generous? ;)

    Have a fantastic weekend girl!

  8. using your straightener to iron things...especially collars is just too easy to pass up!


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