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Lilly Fall Favorites

I am by no means ready for summer to be over, but I just couldn't resist checking out some of the new fashions for fall! I love fall clothing and it's one of the few things I'm going to miss moving to Florida.  Lilly released some looks from their fall line and I. am. in. love. 
Delila Dress
So cute and so versatile. My closet will not be complete without it!

 Kinley Sweater Dress
 Simple, colorful and cute. Love it! 
Helena Sweater Dress   
I love the ruffle detail on the skirt, and that the dress is so simple.  You can accessorize with reckless abandon! 
Mara Dress 
Pink + Lace = Perfection
 Laney Dress
 This is my favorite from the collection, I don't think I could pick one pattern! 

What are your favorites for this Fall?



  1. I love those dresses, especially the blue one :-)

  2. Kinley Sweater Dress: I'm obsessed! So cute!

  3. That first one may be the CUTEST thing ever.

  4. Contrary to popular Yankee belief, it DOES get cold in FL - so you will be able to wear your cute boots, skinny jeans, and big sweaters! It even snowed on Xmas a few years ago! :)

    I'm from North Florida, but even Miami gets down in the 40s in the winter!

  5. I agree with Shannon abt Florida weather. But the cold doesn't last long enoughso savor every minute!

  6. I love the whole collection! lilly outdid themselves!

  7. Oh wow, these are all super cute!

    And I like that they're a reasonable length. I feel like so many dresses out there are SO short, and I don't feel comfortable wearing them. I want to be able to pick something up off the floor in a dress!


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