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2012 Virtual Tailage!

 You want to hear something really sad?  The college football team closest to me growing up was Syracuse University.  Even more sad? My college didn't have a football team.  I am a born and bred Giants fan, but missed out on the college tailgate experience completely!  Once we get to Florida Dom and I are picking a school to follow and get in on the action.  Until then? The beautiful Kaitlyn from Wifessionals had the idea of a virtual tailgate! It will run the week before the first college games so you can link up your favorite tailgate recipes!  This will be so fun whether you love football, your honey does, or you just like making yummy food while a bunch of guys run around in tight pants. (Or if you're lucky, all of the above!)

2012 Virtual Tailgate

Here are the rules from Kaitlyn:
  1. Decide you're going to participate in this awesome event!
  2. Write a post on your blog, giving Wifessionals a shout out & link up and announcing the event and all these details (or just post the link to my page and they can read them here). This will spread the word and give your readers the chance to participate!!!
  3. On Monday, August 27th I will post the Tailgate on my blog. Create your own blog post featuring YOU making your most delicious tailgate food. You can make a dip, wings, a themed drink, anything! Make sure to post the recipe and at least one picture.
  4. Sometime between Monday (8/27) and Thursday (8/30), visit my blog and look for the little froggy at the bottom of the tailgate post. Click on him and link up to the Virtual Tailgate! (Thursday night are the first games, so the link party will close at midnight)
  5. Lastly, grab the link you are given and post it on your own blog and all of the links to all the other blogs will show up so your readers can participate too!!

So excited. I love hosting people for football games and can't wait to get a bunch of new ideas! Start!



  1. Um, number 1, you just made Ryan's night...we are the Giants' biggest fans...#2, just pick FSU...come on, everyone knows the gators are on the downward slope for the next few years (;

    Thanks for the shoutout! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. This sounds like so much fun - I was thinking of linking up....until I saw the FSU comment. LOL, just kidding!! We're hardcore Gator fans, and once you move down to FL you'll understand the rivalry. Can't wait to participate!

  3. Even though you're moving to Florida, you should be an Alabama fan. =) We're pretty close. If not, your best bet is FSU! Gators won't hold a candle to FSU this year and you want to be on the winning team! =)

  4. What a cute idea! My school didn't do football either, and I always tell Tyler that Gwennie HAS to go to a big football school :)

  5. I love tailgating. I love this "virtual" one! Have a happy Thursday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tonight!.

  6. I completely agree Go Noles! Plus Tallahassee is only 5 minute drive to Georgia, so it is the closest to the deep south you will get in Florida. Plus Garnet and Gold are such a better color combo than Bright Blue and Bright Orange.

  7. Pick University of Florida! Go Gators!!! :))


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