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Dear Uterus...

Dear Work: I have seriously not enjoyed seeing you this week. Girlfriend was not made to see 5am.  And a doctor tantrum and run-in with an ex all before 7am is not what I call a good time.  However, I will be very happy to spend my paycheck on this beauty.
Dear Lilly Pulitzer: Thank you for creating the above beauty. Dear NYC: Can't wait to see you tonight! I hope Ghost is as fabulous as the movie.  I hear the actor somehow walks through a door? Can't wait! Dear Dom: I haven't heard from you since noon sooo you are either in jail, in a ditch, or in the doghouse ;).  Dear Uterus: Please top quivering whenever I see a baby.  My baby fever is completely inappropriate for my marital status, so tone it down, k?  
Dear Felicia: I'm so happy you made a blog!!! Go show her some love here!  

Dear Syracuse: As much as I complain about you, it's very bittersweet that this is the last week I'll be calling you home.  So you're gray and cloudy and cold.  I guess in hindsight you're not so bad. :) Dear Florida: Get ready for a new resident!


Update: He is in the doghouse!!!

Dear Boyfriend: Good thing you're cute.


  1. How exciting to be moving!
    That Lilly Pulitzer dress is adore!


  2. Love that outfit!!! Wish you weren't leaving just yet... I'm an hour from Syracuse and you could gladly "steal" my baby for a few hours to cure that fever!! ;)

  3. Love the dress! Have a safe move :)


  4. What a perfect Lilly dress! Great letters! Happy Friday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  5. Congrats on the new big move. But also - totally love that dress!! :)

    Have an awesome weekend :)

  6. LOL to his text... phone in the grill, huh?! ;)

    ENJOY Ghost, totally jealous! I want to hear all about it! Andddd my baby fever is RIDICULOUS some days, goodness!

  7. That text is pretty hilarious! I don't think I could be mad haha! While moving can sometimes be a pain, I hope it's a stree-free one for you! Plus, you have so much to look forward to =)

  8. aww you look gorgeous in these photos. Love the lilly! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my low entry giveaway ending soon :).

  9. That outfit is so cute!
    It's exciting moving to a new place. I too want to move to FL in the future.

    New follower

  10. Why do we always run into people when we are looking our worse, not fair! That is way early in the morning, I hope he at least looked shocking!

  11. What part of florida are you moving to again?

  12. You look adorable in that picture and love that dress!


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