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I bet you thought your family was cute...

I know, I did too.  Just when I thought I had it together and figured I'd have a pretty good looking family one day I get pictures like THESE for a guest post.  It's just not fair.  They probably aren't even trying. Le sigh.  Well lucky for Samantha she is also incredibly sweet and one of my favorite I'll put my jealousy aside and introduce you today! You can thank me later.


Hi everyone! I'm Samantha and my home in the blog world is Hooah and Hiccups.
From the title, you may be able to guess that I'm married to a soldier in the United States Army, as well as the mommy to a beautiful baby boy. I started blogging when my husband deployed to Afghanistan and I was keeping life "normal" on the home front.

 My blog covers everything from military life, to recipes, to mommy tips and stories, to how to remain calm and collected during the "hiccups" along the way. I love photography, shopping, cooking, and spending time with my husband and son. Being a military family, we are no strangers to moving around and spending time apart, so I'm always striving to make the best of the time we have together. I love meeting new people and finding new blogs, so please come visit me at Hooah and Hiccups!



  1. these pictures really are too cute! Thanks you to your husband for his service and you for your sacrifice :)

  2. You're too sweet! Totally made my day :) :) thanks for having me girl!

  3. Adorable. Can't wait to check her blog out! :)


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