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Inspire me: Healthy- Smoothies

I am so excited to be linking up with Raven and Kristen today for...

All In My Twenties

Getting healthy is something I have been putting on the back burner for a long time and really need to start making a priority!  My getting healthy goal is different than most...I need to gain 10lbs, like yesterday.  I have insane food allergies (gluten, most fruits, vegetables, and nuts) so I am constantly underweight.  I know I know, most people will say they'd trade places with me in a heartbeat, but being underweight can be just as unhealthy as being overweight.  I get tired really easily and would be the first to die if I were stranded on a deserted island.  Also, skinny might be sexy, but there is nothing sexy about a skeleton.  Plus, I'm half Puerto Rican, and isn't the best part of being a latina the booty?  Why yes, yes it is.  So I need mine back. I would also like some boobs while I'm at it. (Just being honest)
These are pictures from 2 years ago when I was at a healthy weight
Yes, that was a school girl mixer, and the other was when a friend and I decided we were butt twins and needed to take a picture.  Turns out I don't have many blog appropriate pictures of my boobs and butt so this is what you get.
Moving on.

The worst picture I saw of myself was from last New Years eve, when a friend immediately called and asked if I was okay, since I looked so frighteningly thin.  Unfortunately I can't find that picture, but this one makes me cringe too.
Well hello there, spine.

So, what I'm doing to gain weight? Increase my calorie intake, in a healthy way.  The way I've been doing that is protein smoothies! I have 2 tried and true ones that I love and have been a great and healthy way to add more to my diet.  If you're trying to get healthy by losing weight, these are great as meal replacements.  I just add them as a fourth meal.

The Green Monster
1 Banana
4-5 strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 spoonful greek yogurt
1 cup milk
4-5 ice cubes
1 scoop protein powder
Dash of honey for sweetness
Fill the rest of the blender with spinach and blend! 
I promise you can't taste the spinach at all, it just makes it a weird color

Peanut Butter Banana
1 Banana
2 spoonfuls peanut butter
1 spoonful nutella (okay I add that because I love it, probably shouldn't but whatever)
1 cup milk
4-5 ice cubes
1 scoop peanut butter 

I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of your posts and getting inspired! I need you all to keep me on track to giving my man a little something to hold onto getting healthy!



  1. such a good point regarding being underweight can be just as unhealthy as being overweight. I know a lot of us forget this. you are still absolutely gorgeous though ... you've got this. you do.

  2. Mmm, that peanut butter banana recipe is making my mouth water! Yum yum!

    Getting healthy is something I've been putting on the back burner too. I've been so busy this summer and have been going out of town every weekend for over a month, so I haven't been going to the gym at all and have been eating a ton of fast food! No bueno!

    I can't imagine having such crazy food allergies! It must be incredibly difficult to stay healthy because it seems like the things that are the best for you are what you're allergic to! But just keep at it girl! The hardest part about getting healthy is getting started. Once you get a routine down and stick to it, it's much easier to stay fit and healthy.

    Anyway girl, I'm glad you found my blog and glad I can follow yours in return! Can't wait to read more from you. :)

  3. That must be awful having food allergies :( I'm allergic to a million things, but no foods and I'm so thankful for that!

    Good for you for sticking to your guns and trying to get where you KNOW you're healthy :)

  4. You are gorgeous! Best of luck getting to your goal weight!!

    Thanks for linking up!


  5. Hey Robin. I just found you through the Blog Hop. I love your blog and your bubbly personality comes through. I'm interested in reading some of those gluten-free recipes you mention. I just posted a favourite morning smoothie on my blog. Have a great day!

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. You look great! I've been trying to get on healthy smoothies diet to lose weight.


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