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I'm not going to lie, I don't have anything exciting to write about today!  My weekend was good, nothing terribly exciting or blog worthy. A lot of lake time, a lot of Olympics and a lot of studying! My Organic Chemistry class will be finished on Thursday and I could not be happier.  So, instead of boring you with random tidbits about studying aldol condensation reactions of Cyclohexylidenecyclohexanone I figured I give you a little life update via Instagram (@RobinJay17)!

1. Regardless of where we are weekends are always spent by a lake! 2. Bounty bar- my favorite candy bar from Australia and the first thing Dom ever bought me.  He found one in Scotland and brought it back :) 3. Meeting SEAN CASEY and riding in his storm chasing vehicle! 4. Delicious and easy gluten-free flatbread recipe 5. "Downtown" bar in our lake town 6. My uncle trying to keep up with the "young bucks" and tube 7. Gorge jumping in Ithaca! 8. Lake, sunset and wine= heaven 9. So many exciting things to come!

I'm also participating in the I lvoe my Online Friends GFC Hop! Go check it out :)

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  1. I totally need that flatbread recipe. It looks delish! What is your Instagram name (because i'm a creeper, obviously)

  2. Italy and European roadtrip?!?! Where all are you going? I was in Europe two summers ago and Italy was by far my favorite!!

  3. I'm new to your blog- but are you going to Brad Paisley in Tampa? if so- my husband and I will be there too! :)


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