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New York State of Mind

This weekend I did a whirlwind family trip to NYC!  A few months ago my dad was on a business trip to the city and saw Ghost on Broadway.  Contrary to the terrible reviews (I honestly think they saw a different show) he absolutely loved it.  He raved about it and we were planning on seeing it when my dad got an email that it was closing on Sunday! So he bought tickets and we planned a quick trip to see it Friday night. 

 Dom was supposed to come with us, but because of work stuff he had to cancel last minute.  I was bummed but my old neighbor and great friend Liz lives in NYC and was able to join us! It's so strange. I feel like only yesterday we were walking around the neighborhood complaining about our boring lives, and now we're all grown up.

Obviously, many cocktails flowed...


Dress: Urban Outfitters Blazer: Zara Shoes: Guess Necklace: I'm guessing Target, maybe Forever 21.

Ghost was absolutely incredible.  When you think Broadway, you usually don't think special effects.  The effects in this show were unlike any I have ever seen, and made the show that much more amazing.  The 2 leads had crazy chemistry and we were all sobbing by the end! Oda May Brown was absolutely hysterical! Even if you don't know the movie by heart you will still enjoy it.  I have no idea what the critics were talking about in their awful reviews.  I've seen hundreds of shows in my life and this is easily one of the best.  They must have seen it on a really off night! I could not recommend it more if it tours in your town!  

Here's a highlight video if you need more convincing...
Ugh, I still have chills! Seriously. Go see it. 

Saturday we saw Spiderman which was so much fun.  We say it a year and half ago when it was still in previews and it was dreadful.  Luckily, they have completely changed the second act and it was so great! Not to mention LOTS of yummy men in tight Spiderman suits. ;) 

All in all it was a great trip to NYC!



  1. i LOVE NYC!!!! its seriously one of my fav cities and im so glad you had a great time!!

    i heard ghost was good! i really wanna see it...i was reading reviews on it and saw lots of mixed but mostly good! so happy u loved it!


  2. Ahhhh! I wish I could go see it!! I love the movie so I KNOW I would love the musical too!! So glad you got to see it, you look smokin' girl!!! :)

  3. SO fun! I bet the musical is just awesome! :) You look beautiful as always and I just love your outfit!


  4. Love Love LOOOVE your outfit (I think I told you that on Instagram though!) I love musicals and it's good to hear that Ghost was good (although, I didn't even know it was turned into a musical!)


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