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Skanks, chocolate handcuffs and sneezing. If you really knew me...

Yep, jumping on this bandwagon! 

So, if you really knew me...
 you'd know...

I love reading etiquette books.  I find them strangely calming, even though I rarely use the right fork.

I don't believe in salad. Except for this one.  It's not a meal IMHO. I think it's boring and unsatisfying and will NEVER order it at a restaurant.  Give me something of substance please!

I never hold grudges.  That girl my first love cheated on me with and ended up dumping me for?  She's my friend now.  She wised up, dumped him and wrote me a really sweet letter.  Yes, I had cried myself to sleep countless nights over it and sworn to hate her until the day I died, but what for?  Hate is ugly and it gives you wrinkles.  I'd rather forgive and make a friend. Plus, the look on my friend's face when she happened to walk by and see us having lunch was more than worth it!

I dance randomly. All the time. My favorite location is the grocery aisle.  Dom gets very embarrassed. 

I am a lightweight. One and done, as I like to say.  Not that I ever stop at one, of course.

I was classically trained in ballet for 14 years. 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, with summers in NYC, Pittsburgh and Vermont.  I quit cold turkey after high school and never looked back.

I look like I've been electrocuted first thing in the morning. 

In college I worked hard and I partied hard.  Graduated with honors and lots of nights I'll never remember.

When I sneeze I do about 8-17 little sneezes every single time. People panic and think I'm dying.  People who know me just start counting.

My dream jobs are storm chaser, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and pastry chef.  In that order. 

If you take me shopping when I'm less than sober I will buy everything.  Thankfully, drunk Robin has great taste.

 I'm high maintenance about food, my hair and temperature.  Otherwise I'll go with the flow.

I have a pair of chocolate handcuffs I received as a gift.  Everyday I wake up and wonder if that will be the day I use them.  Usually it's because I'm hungry and they're by my bed.

I can rationalize calories not counting for almost any situation. It's the weekend? Calories don't count. Friend visiting form out of town? Calories don't count.  On the lake? Don't count.  Have a friend visiting the lake for the weekend? Girl, those are negative calories. 

I asked Dom what he thought people should know, expecting a comment on my general sexiness. Instead he said, "that you're the most selfless person in the world."

 I think I'll keep him ;)



  1. I have zero self control and pretty sure I would devour those handcuff when I was in need!!!

    Also I love the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders! I always wanted to be one too!!!

  2. The story abt befriending the other woman in a cheating scandal...I have the exact same story! So crazy how that worked out! I want to take drunk Robin shopping!

  3. Awww his comment about you is just precious!

    and I hate holding grudges too. I'm too much of a people pleaser :)

  4. Loooove it all, you are so fun girl! I love to dance randomly and do on a regular basis. Jared and I actually have what we like to call "the bookstore shuffle"... Yeah, be jealous ;)

    And I LOOOVE salads, you are CRAZY girlfriend!! =)

  5. These are awesome lady! Gives great insight into who you are!

    I dance everywhere too :)

    My favorite is a booty dance when I'm scouting out the fridge.

  6. Hahah cute picture...I am also high maintenance about food...and temperature...I can't stand being a sweaty mess hahaha

  7. Just stumbled across your blog... and girl, calories never count especially when wine is involved (aka daily) or chocolate or anything else I love (obviously). Looove that you are high maintenance about food, oh, I thought that was just me. Glad to see i'm not alone out there!


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