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You know what's better than Christmas?

When your best friend makes a blog.  I am not exaggerating at all when I say it was one of the most exciting days of my life! (What's not exciting is the incredibly awkward high school photo she decided to put in this post!) So now I am deciding to be the bigger person and share her.  Only because I really love you guys and know you will adore her too! Without further's Felicia from 


Hi there, I’m
Felicia! I am so excited to be guest posting for Robin this week! Robin and I
have known each other since 9th grade and have been best friends
ever since! I recently started blogging in order to keep her up to date as she
travels to Florida with Dom... something I have to admit that I'm not
entiiirely crazy about...BUT, if someone were to steal her away, I'm glad it's
him. (He DID wear coral shorts to my engagement party... major bonus points!) I’m
going to be blogging about life, love, friends, teaching and, as promised, I’ll
be doing Wedding Wednesday! So, in the mean time, let me introduce myself a

Here are the basics…

I am engaged to the most wonderful person that I
have ever met. Kevin and I have been together for over four years and I cannot wait until our wedding day! (Robin
is a bridesmaid, naturally!)

adore him.

I am a First Grade Teacher

I love, love, love taking pictures of

I am addicted to Grey’s
Anatomy…addicted. So is Kevin.

I love the color yellow. It’s so
bright and cheerful! I think it best reflects my personality 

There is nothing better than a nice
cold glass of Riesling and watching the Bachelorette with your best girlfriends

I love the ocean. We vacation in
Scituate, MA every year and never want to come home!

I have this stuffed animal named Sheepy
who still sleeps in my bed and protects me from anything scary in my closet

Do not put peanut butter M&Ms in
front of me. I have no self control.

Robin saved my life in high school
when I was new and had no one to sit with at lunch. Yup, I was that girl…

less awkward picture!

I am extremely crafty. It’s a family
joke to pick out the present that I wrapped.

I’m a sucker
for a summer dress and a cute pair of heels

I love country music and my girlfriends
and I frequently belt highly out of tune beautifully serenade each other
on road trips


If you have continued reading and
have not been scared off yet, I am super friendly and hoping you’ll come check
out my blog! Thanks to Robin for letting me guest post!!

Go shower her some love here!! You won't be sorry :)



  1. It's so sweet that she started a blog as another way for you two to keep in touch :)
    And I wish I could get my husband addicted to Grey's Anatomy, I love that show! In France, two episodes are on back to back starting at 4:00 Monday - Friday. Even though they are a season behind the States, and I've already seen every episode, I never miss it!

  2. what a treat, im following from the online friends GFC :) and i get to follow another great blog! lol todays my day! woot


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