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You might need to buy a shotgun if...

Your 3 year old looks like this...
Seriously, I die. 

This weekend my brother and I had friends out to the lake for my LAST weekend at the lake! It's really too depressing to think about so I'm just going to move on.  What's even more depressing? Our boat that we have had since I was 1 officially died and we watched it get towed away.  My best friend since birth and I actually felt like we were watching our childhood sail away.  Way too sad to think about!

On to happier things...
I took out my camera to take pictures of all of us and immediately Ginny, my brother's "niece" went into full model mode, so I ended up having a mini photo shoot with pretty much the most gorgeous child ever.  Her daddy better buy a gun SOON. Those pre-school boys are going to come a-knocking before he knows it!

Total ham :)

It took every ounce of self control not to steal her! But her parents know if she goes missing I'm 100% guilty so I'll have to put that on hold for awhile.

During the day we pretty much stalked Amish people.  First, at the "Windmill," an Amish farmers market in our little lake town. You can almost anything you could possibly imagine and some you wish you hadn't.  My personal favorite? The redneck wind chimes...aka a piece of wood with beer cans hanging from it. Sadly, I know a few people who would love it!

One section of the market

On our way home we spotted horse and buggy parking spots!

Ginny got to pet the horse and my uterus started quivering again.  I seriously need to get my baby fever under control.

 Or have a baby.  



  1. Oy, those curls are to die for! I would probably know more than a few people who would like that wind chime unfortunately...thanks a lot, Texas.

  2. What precious curls she has! And oh my goodness, so sad about your boat!


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