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Animal House- Miami

Last weekend we inched a little farther down the Florida coast to Miami!
The beaches in Miami are gorgeous, so blue and so clear.  And believe me, after the past 2 weeks Dom and I have seen a few beaches!
We spend Friday day with Dom's fraternity big brother, and then went to the University area to visit our friend from abroad.

And that's when we were transported back to college. Animal house style.
Considering the guys we were staying with are college graduates with very well paying jobs we figured we'd be staying in a semi decent place.  We were so wrong.
The house? Absolutely adorable.  Last time it had been cleaned? Probably before they moved in. Beer pong table? Cups are always set out. Cockroaches? Check. Unidentified sticky-ness? Check. Dishes piled as high as the sky in the sink? Double check.

It was all okay until I was doing my make-up and a cockroach literally came running at me trying to eat me.  I don't think I've ever screamed so loud and I don't think I'll ever fully recover.
I started to feel better knowing their friend was having a pool party to watch the U Miami game on Saturday and we would be spending the day there.
Until we arrived.
It wasn't a pool party, it was a frat party.  Miami style. It was literally straight out of a movie.  Drunk freshman everywhere, guys with beer muscles trying to fight each other, chanting while someone funneled from the roof.  Everything we happily left behind in college! However, it was very amusing watching everyone get drunker and drunker, and then the tears started because some guy untied the bathing suit of a different girl and I thought he loved meee!

I remember my first beer too.

Luckily, we made it out without being thrown in the pool and ended up having a really fun cockroach and drunk-mess free night.
Then Sunday we drove out to Key Biscayne, which is hands down my favorite beach in Florida so far.

There were yachts and bright turquoise water. I could have lived there and never left!

I'm already planning on bringing everyone who visits me down here. I am so in love!
After the beach it was time to head back to West Palm.
Even though I was sad to leave Key Biscayne I have never been so excited to get home to our clean quiet house!  We've done the frat party scene.  But then we graduated and grew up, and this is home for us.



  1. Those beaches look absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh boy...that house and the pool party does not sound like my cup of tea! Lol isn't it funny how our ideas of fun change so much??

  2. I live here in Miami. If you ever need some a tour guide or would love to know great places to visit in South Florida Let me know!

    xoxo Yesi

  3. Oh and From the pictures I see you went to crandon park. Next time try going farther south and go to El farito! Its at the pin point of Key Biscayne. That beach has a Lighthouse that you can actually go inside and take a ton of pictures!!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love!

  4. Beautiful scenery, aside from the cockroaches. Sometimes I feel like I'm still 18 or 20 and hate getting older, but then there are moments like these when you're so thankful for a place of your own and a man, not a boy. Have fun!

  5. That is pretty hilarious you got thrown into a frat house/party all weekend. Isn't it so funny the way things change when you get married?? Wait until you have babies, it's a whole new life again!

  6. I would have died. Cockroaches, unidentifiable stickiness and freshmen frat boys everywhere?

    Hotel room for Dayna. You're a brave soul, love :)

    Glad the beaches you saw were pretty, too!

  7. ahhh you should have called me! we need to meet up next time you come by! love Key biscayne!

  8. Sooo funny, doesn't college craziness seem like a lifetime ago?!

    Sign me up for Key Biscayne visit when I come ;)

  9. Amazing beaches...not so amazing frat house. Cockroaches?? Gross.

    After looking at the pictures of the beaches, just FYI, I've already picked out the spot that I'm going to lay my chair and forget all my worries ;-)<3

  10. I just moved to Florida. I am excited I found your blog so I can learn more about the fun stuff to do in Florida!
    New follower, come follow along

  11. "I remember my first beer too"... so freaking funny!
    I would have hated every second of that party. I'm an old fuddy duddy. But me a loooong time ago, would have rocked that beer funnel! :)

  12. Oh my gosh!

    I shutter at the images your just painted in my mind! I DO NOT do dirty, unkempt houses. I can't handle it, ha!

    But way to be a trooper. I'm glad you were able to finish the weekend off with a beautiful and "clean" beach.

    Loving your new adventures :)

  13. Great post, you are very funny! I am right there with ya at that
    "i have definitely moved on from the college days" stage.

    I found you on the blog working link and am following now. Check me out too if you would like.


  14. I wanted to comment on your love story but there was no place to comment! BOO!

    hahah I loved it though! I can relate my story was like "girl hates boy and boy makes a snarky drunk remark" you two are CUTE!!

  15. Glad you are enjoying your new home area!!

  16. So jealous! I wish I lived in the Sunshine State!!! :) Love your pictures!


  17. My favorite beach in your area is Juno Beach. You park, walk over the dunes and you are at the beach...the way it was meant to be. Also check out John D MacArthur State Park. Beachy restaurant to try: Guanabanas in Jupiter or The Square Grouper. There is also a place next door you can rent paddle boards. So much fun!

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