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Florida Home Tour!

I know I promised this awhile ago, but we've had a few weeks of overcast days and I wanted to make sure to capture how bright the house is!  I love, love loveee natural light, and get really depressed when I have to turn on lights during the day.  This house has tons of windows and skylights, so it's always bright.  I absolutely love it!

In case you didn't know, Dom and I moved to Florida about a month ago into his grandmother's vacation home that no ones uses.  We are so lucky to be able to move into a fully furnished house! I'm also very lucky his nana and mother have very similar color tastes to me, the house is cream, pink and blue themed.  It's so beachy and Floridian!

{Living Room}

{Kitchen Breakfast Nook}

{Master Bedroom}
{Note Patrick, my stuffed moose that I slipped in.  Took Dom 2 days to notice him ;)}

{Half of the walk in closet, Dom has the opposite side, and the other side of the hallway is all closet too!}

{Master Bathroom}
{Lanai to porch to golf course}
{View form our back porch, with our one palm tree!}

 *Off the living room on the opposite side there is a hallway with a second bathroom, Dom's Nana's room, another guest room and the laundry room, which are not pictured.  I figured you'd only want pictures of the fun stuff! 

You can see from this last picture how close the golfers are to our house. When we pull the blinds in the morning there are almost always carts right on that sidewalk.  The first time I opened the blinds in my underwear was definitely the last.  Having people so close took a little getting used to, but it makes sitting outside very entertaining!

 Dom and I are both so happy we get to live here! It's our first "home" together and I couldn't have asked for anything more.



  1. I have a sailfish in my kitchen/ dining room area, too! Welcome to Florida!!

  2. Oh I love it! Very Florida. The colors and great!

  3. Very Floridian, I love it! Glad there's a couch/bed for me when I come visit/stalk you guys ;)

    Ps- Patrick is saWEET. I totally have a stuffed puppy "Chip" that may or may not be on our dresser!

  4. Love it! So can we all come visit now?!? :)

  5. Fun view when you open the blinds to see a pretty golf course! Hilarious that you opened them in your underwear the first time!

  6. What a Gorgeous Home...I am so Happy for you and Dom! :)

  7. Beautiful sunshine state home! :) SO cute!


  8. I'm jealous! I will be even more jealous when I'm stuck inside with the cold, Wisconsin winter storms and you're blogging from sunny Florida!

    That is so great that you get to live there. It's beautiful!

  9. It looks awesome! I agree very bright! I'm loving your closet as well!

  10. Love the house!! Can I come visit?! :)

  11. Such a perfect Florida house!! So happy for you guys!

  12. What a beautiful house!
    It looks like such a wonderful place to live.

  13. Your house is so nice!! I love the openness and natural light as well. The little porch and eating nook are my favorite!!

  14. What a great house! I'm in the WPB area...are you close by?

  15. A long, long time ago I was housesitting for my boss. He had a two story house right on the golf course. I was staying in the master bedroom downstairs but couldn't get hot water in the bathroom. So I had to use a bathroom upstairs. After the shower, I came down the stairs to head back to the bedroom to get dressed (in my underwear) and there was a golf cart full of guys sitting right outside the sliding door. Oops! I also didn't make that mistake again. :)

  16. Your home is beautiful! I love all the natural light :) That sunroom is gorgeous!


  17. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL home darling!

  18. Beautiful home and furniture!!! My husband would love to live there...he is a golfing kind of guy

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