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Makes my heart happy

Have you ever found a place that makes your heart happy?
I have a lot of them.  My bed, the beach, my parents' kitchen, the bottom of a wine bottle. {Kidding.}
This past weekend we explored another part of our new state, and I found a whole city that makes my heart happy, Naples!

 {Naples Pier}

We went on this trip on a whim.  We were eating breakfast and Dom got that infamous smile on his face, and we know that always means trouble.  
Apparently while I was sitting there innocently reading all your bloggy blogs he was bidding on a hotel room, and won! So we packed up and drove the 2 hours to Naples, for $40 a night. :)

We started by going to Marco Island, which is probably my heaven on earth.  I feel like I say that about every place I go, but I mean it this time.  I promise.

All of Naples is a bird sanctuary so there were huge pelicans and all types of birds flying everywhere.
Kind of scary, but also pretty awesome.
The beach was so quiet and we had it almost all to ourselves.  I immediately got excited thinking about how perfect it would be to bring young children.  White sand, still shallow water and exciting animals. 

Dom quickly reminded me I'm dating a 22 year old male by swearing he'd never live somewhere so boring. {Happy bubble <---POP.}  He's more of a Miami nightlife, watch all the Bentleys go by kinda guy. He didn't seem to think that possibly running into Kelle Hampton made it more exciting either.  He even claimed to not know who Lainey or Nella were. Ugh, men.

Anywho it started to rain so we did what any normal person would do and found the nearest happy hour.  1 fishbowl, 5 amazing wings and 4 mini tacos later I was happy and hammered. 

And dinner? Naples outdid itself. We found a flatbread place with an entire gluten free menu, gluten-free flatbreads, pizzas and paninis. I was in heaven. Even more? It was also a wine bar.  And the waitress? Came over and told me I look like Jessica Alba.
I can't believe Dom made me leave. But he could just see my head (and thighs) getting bigger if I stayed there any longer and took me home.  Once again, men.

The next night was less delicious but gorgeous.  See, I love marinas more and a normal person should. I could sit and stare at boats all day and all night if I could.  So that is what we did. With cocktails.

Unfortunately, the guy we were chatting with had a few too many cocktails and after spilling a jager shot down Dom's leg I decided against handing him my baby camera to get a picture of us.  You'll just have to use your imagination for now.

So that's the end of my trip to heaven.  Naples and I? Life long friends.  Who needs men?


  1. Everyone needs a good place to go with the girls! Looks like you found it :) GREAT PICS.

    Speaking of places that make your heart happy i showcased a few of mine on my post today...


  2. Isn't that the best feelings? Charlotte makes my heart happy :) just being there makes me feel like a new person. I've never been to Naples but I've heard it's beautiful!

  3. Naples is beautiful. Next place you should visit is Captiva Island, and Sanibel Island. You think the sand is white in naples?! Wait till you step foot on the beautiful paradise of Captiva. That is definitely a place for romance!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love

  4. Wait a minute... why isn't anyone asking you what the hell hotel bidding is and how do we get $40 rooms?!?!?!

    PS. I really wanted to get on that fishbowl with you.

  5. Sooooo gorgeous, I seriously might just hop in a plane and come meet you live and in person haha! I want some sand in toessss! PS- how the heck did he do the hotel bidding thing?! SHARE!

    And who DOESN'T know Lainey and Nella?! Psh- please!

  6. Can I seriously just move in with y'all and go on these gorgeous trips with you two?!

    That'd be great, kthanksbye

  7. This sounds like so much fun!! I want to go there! What a fun idea to just take off and go! It looks gorgeous!

  8. I agree with Whitney - what is hotel bidding??

    Are you gluten intolerant? That flatbread place sounds delish!

  9. All of your pictures are so pretty! Naples isn't too far from me. I got engaged in it there!

  10. We went to a friend's wedding in Marco Island on the beach IN December several years ago. It was beautiful. We got to watch dolphins playing in the water during the ceremony. Beautiful sunset pics. You and Dom will have to go check out Sanibel and Captiva Islands next time you head west.

    Latest recommendation: The Sailfish Marina

  11. Also, you can take a water taxi (from Sailfish Marina) over to Peanut Island. On the weekends, everyone takes their boats over and it is a big party.

    Check out the beaches on Singer Island (near Sailfish.) That was the main beach we hung out at in high school. We liked to go hang out at the hotel pools. If you keep cruising along the main road, it will take you north past John D. MacArthur park I mentioned before and eventually you will end up back at US 1 and PGA Blvd (road Gardens Mall is on.) You could turn north on US1 and head towards Juno Beach and the pier up there along A1A.

  12. I am SO jealous that you live there.. .I'm so happy for you and that you're experiencing all these amazing places! Do it before kids, they make it much, much harder! Lol

  13. Woo hoo! That's where I live now though your man is right -- Naples is sooooo boring! It's gorgeous though -- just a sleepy little town! Ft Myers has more action and the beach there is pretty fun with lots of bars and activity! :)

  14. My bed is my happy place. I did not know Naples was a bird sanctuary. I've only been there once. stopping by from the link up and I'm now a new follower.

    Penniless Socialite

  15. Great vacation spot. I have heard great things about Naples!

  16. Wow! That place looks amazing!!! The views are breathtaking, and that's pretty awesome of your honey =)


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