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My first time...

The other day I was driving to Lowes (aka home) and a song came on the radio. "No Scrubs" by TLC to be exact.  After screaming to no one, I sang every word and couldn't believe I remembered everything so many years later.  I remember feeling so cool buying my first CD when I was in 3rd grade, and this was it.  It got me thinking about all my other firsts, so you lucky readers get to see them too.

First CD: TLC- No Scrubs.

First R Rated movie: Shakespeare in Love.  But I had to close my eyes during that "bad" parts.

First time to a movie theater without my parents: Blue Crush

First Kiss: Okay, this is one of the most traumatic stories of my childhood.  It comes up all. the. time. with my family sooo I'm sharing it with you for your enjoyment.  My first kiss was my second cousin. Yep, incest. But it wasn't my fault! You see, I was only 4 years old and did not know we were related because it was my first time meeting them and when you're that little you don't understand that stuff anyways.  I was 4, he was 3 (I've always been a cougar!) and our older brothers locked us in a bedroom (deemed The Love Room) until we kissed for 10 seconds.  It was oh so romantic as we touched lips and stared cross eyed at each other for 10 seconds.

First Concert: It's Britney, bitch.

First Vacation: Puerto Rico to visit my grandfather

First Date: McDonalds for a frosty.  That should have been a sign.

First Boyfriend: The typical player.  He was older, he dated a lot of girls, but he wanted me.  I was young and naive and was certain he had changed for me. I don't  even remember how long we dated, on and off for a year maybe?  But it was filled with lies and cheating and things I was too young and innocent to be dealing with.

First Heartbreak: Like all relationships with a player, it ended badly.  Although, I think it was extra brutal.  He had just graduated high school and had a huge graduation party.  When I got there I was introduced to his new girlfriend.  I got the message loud and clear. I've never cried so hard.

First Facebook Picture: 

First True Love: While I've loved boyfriends before, and thought it was real love, there's something different with Dom.  I love him, his jokes, his pinky toe and the way he walks. He's also the first guy I've let see me sans make-up and my hair au natural...
Well, now you too. Just because I love you all sooo much.

He's home to me.  And that's true love.

First Car: '97 Chevy Cavalier. Crank windows. Manual locks. Granny car.  Yes, I had it up until 2 months ago!

What are your firsts??



  1. LOVE this post and the first kiss story is too funny! Might have to steal this idea at some point!! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Totally just busted out singing "Feels liiiiiiiiiiiike home to me, feels like HOOOOOOMEEEE TO MEEEE!" You do know the song from how to lose a guy, right?! Hope so, otherwise this comment went NO WHERE.

    ALSO- TLC No Scrubs comes up quiiiite regularly on my "90s pop" Pandora station. OH YEAH!

  4. Haha! Now I need to go look at my first Facebook picture. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment about my little guy.

    Your first kiss story had me laughing this morning. And now I want to pull up No Scrubs on my computer and sing while I clean up after my kids :)

    Looking forward to following you :)


  6. I love the classics and one-hit-wonders. Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

  7. Super cute post! My first CD was Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill. I asked for it for Christmas (I was in 5th grade - 1995). I still cannot believe my parents bought that for their 5th grader!!

  8. All of these Crack me up.. just because they remind me of things I would answer! haha :) Gotta love No Scrubs!


  9. I remember being so jealous of everyone who got to go see Britney in concert. I had her first CD and I opened and closed that little insert so much that it got all worn and faded, hah! I love this post idea, too much fun!

  10. So jealous of you seeing britney!!Boo for your first heartbreak...what an a$$

  11. I love this list! I love how you describe Dom :)

  12. You're so cute!
    And let's see... my first car was a grey 89 Honda Accord. Of course I'm like a million years old so the car wasn't that old when I got it :)


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