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Show and Tell: BABIES!

Today I can finally join in on Becky's link-up, and it's perfect timing because it's all about BABIES! Lord knows I love me some babies.  My Pinterest baby board is way too full for someone who is not married, nor engaged, and has only lived with her boyfriend for 2 weeks. But Pinterest is all about wishful thinking anyways, right? So here we go!
1. Tell us your favorite baby names? Aside from your own babies, if you have some :)
For girls my favorites are:
 Ava Lynn    -     Kennedy     -      Lilly Anne
If things continue with Dom I have one choice for a boy name and that is...

Yes, Dom is Italian.  It's his middle name and a family name sooo I really have no choice in the matter.  I'm hoping I can convince him to make it the middle name.  However, he told me this after dating for only 3 weeks so I can't say I wasn't warned. 
2. Show me your "dream" nursery {can be your baby's nursery or one that you love}
3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?
I go back and forth between 2 and 3.  I always wanted 3, but I love to travel and I feel that the more children I have the harder it will be.  I'm thinking if I get 2 boys I'll try for a girl and vice versa.  However, Dom says he can't make girls so we'll see about that. ;)  I definitely don't want my kids any more than 2 years apart, I would love for them to grow up as friends.  Still, as long as they're happy and healthy I'll take as many of whatever flavor whenever I can get 'em.  Have I mentioned my raging baby fever?
4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?
I think the importance of parenting is pretty straight forward yet so complicated You are providing an environment for them to grow and learn with unconditional love.  You show them right from wrong and give constant support and guidance.  You teach them how to behave, explore and mold them into young adults ready to take on the world for themselves.
5. Show us your favorite newborn photo {can be your children or random}
Okay, I went a little crazy on this one, but if you have a problem with too many baby photos we shouldn't be friends anyways ;)
And this isn't a newborn photo, but it's the greatest pregnancy announcement ever so I had to include it.

6.  Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}
I never want my children to feel like they cannot come to me when they are in trouble, or a bad situation, no matter how embarrassing or scary.  So, I will never make my child feel stupid, or scold them for something that can't be changed.  My mother was always open with me, and made sure I knew that I could come to her about anything and she wouldn't abandon me or disown me.  It sounds dramatic, but it's so comforting knowing you have someone there for you literally no matter what.  I want to make sure my children feel that way!  So if my teenager lies and goes to a party and ends up in a bad situation? You better believe she'll be able to call me and I'll go get her, no questions asked. 



  1. I love your baby names, even Vincenzo isn't that bad!
    My one year old niece here in France is named Lilly. It's become a popular name over here but it's so funny because they don't pronounce it like we do, when they say it it sounds like; Leelee, and then I laugh :)

  2. I love the name Kennedy! My husband is the 3rd generation John. I put my foot down and refused to name our first John. I wanted Nathan to be different. I offered it as a middle name but John wasn't having it. I won. We ended up making our youngest's middle name John.

  3. I love the name Kennedy, too. My all-time favorite girl name is Reagan though... I jokingly asked Jared if we could just name all our children after former presidents?! BAHAAH, he got scared to say the least!

    I love your last answer too. I didn't have that much of an open relationship as a teen with my 'rents, and I also hope my children will feel they are able to tell me ANYTHING and I will still love them no matter what.

  4. I've got serious baby fever too!!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award (: You can go to this post for more information:

    Thanks for everything you've done to help me out!

  5. Not to be creepy, but you and Dom are going to make cute babies!! Haha

    And following in Kaitlyn's steps, I nominated you too :) Here's my post about it! Thanks for being so great!

  6. Omg that baby announcement is hilarious!

    I totally have baby fever too and am in the same situation as you, not engage and not married! Oh well, babies are so darn cute! Lol

  7. Love those girl names! :) Sad I missed this link up!



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