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Show and Tell: Stuck on an Island

1. Tell us, if you could only take 5 people with you to a deserted island, who would it be, and why?
Dom, easy answer. And not just because I love him! He's one of those people who always knows what to do, not matter what.  He's also really strong so he can build us a house, and he'd know how to cook all the fish he we catch.  I'd also bring my mom, because sometimes you just need your mama.  On that note, I'd bring my dad too because he's a doctor, and that could come in handy.  Then I'd bring my friends Felicia and Julia, because Julia is very calm and Felicia would always make me laugh!  Come to think of it...we'd have a really fun island. 
2. Show us which island you'd like to be deserted at. 
That would still be Fiji, since Dom and I were kind of deserted there and it turned out alright! But, I don't think I'd want to go back to our island, even though it was beautiful.  I want running water this time!  So I think I'd pick one of the islands with the huts on the water, like in Bora Bora.  Since we're deserted there, no one can stop us from sleeping in the hut!
3. Tell us, if you could only bring 3 items with you, what would those items be. And why?
 Is there cell service? Because if yes it would definitely be my phone.  That way I could communicate with the world and take pictures in case we got rescued.  Then I would bring my epi pen considering I'm sure I'll be allergic to everything on my island.  Then? A swiss army knife.  I feel like that would be helpful in this situation. 

4. Show us 3 pictures that you would take with you.
 I chose these 3 because they feature those I love most and either make me laugh or bring back a great memory! I'd have one of my family but I'm bringing them with me :)
One of my favorite pictures of Dom and me.  One of (if not the) first picture taken of us. Promise there's a dress under that sweater! Just not a long one...
Favorite picture of my best friend from college and me! It always makes me laugh
And finally, my best girls!

5. Tell us what you envision life would be like on that island. Do you think you would go into survival mode? Would you be like those Survivor people and eat bugs? What qualities do you possess that would help you survive. Do share.
This is probably the wrong answer, but I'm told frequently that I would be the first to die on a deserted island. For starters, I'm underweight, so I wouldn't have much to live off without food! And if we could get food? I'm allergic to everything, and I'm not exaggerating. Fresh fruits and veggies? Almost all no.  And who knows what else we'd find!  I did elect to bring my epi pen though so that might help.  However, besides those two setbacks? I'd go into survivor mode.  If eating bugs was my only option? I'd do it.  But you better believe I would make sure that was my only option! I'm super girly and lets just say no one in their right mind would chose me to go with them on a deserted island.  But, if our lives were on the line? There's nothing I wouldn't do.



  1. UM. I WANT. scratch that. NEED your legs.
    So jealous!

  2. Bora Bora sounds like a pretty good island to be desserted on. Ha! At least you'd have beautiful sights!

    I've seen this link up on a few other blogs before. I'll have to look into doing the next one! It always seems so fun! :)


  3. Do you have any pictures of yourself where you don't look completely adorable?

    If you say yes, I don't believe you.

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