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Things you might not know about me...and fabulous shopping

You probably don't know that I used to play with apes on a regular basis.  Really, I did.
I worked as a research intern at the Smithsonian National Zoo all throughout college.
I did meta-cognition research on the gorillas and orangutans, and got to spend my interning days staring at this face.
I know.  That's Kibibi. She was born a few months before I started and I could just eat her!

Primate research is still my passion (my major was biological anthropology) but a career in that field is just not conducive to having a family.

Another thing you might not know?
Montauk, NY is my happy place.
I've mentioned it before, and will get around to doing a whole post on my love for it, but it is.  I love everything nautical and preppy, and Montauk/The Hamptons is the heavenly mix of the 2. 

Also? I just moved to West Palm Beach.

So what do these three things have in common?

Not going to lie, I kind of feel like Shabby Apple  is making their dress collections after my life.
Actually, I just wish I were cool enough to have that happen. 
Either way, if you haven't checked out their Zoology, Lighthouse or Twin Palms collections you are seriously missing out! They have fabulous and affordable dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories!  I personally want to jump into the Lighthouse collection and live there!  Mostly because the pictures are in Montauk, and we all know I want to live there.  Plus the photos with the red white and blue overhang? That's Lunch, the BEST lobster roll restaurant in you know they have great taste ;)

So what are you waiting for? SHOP!
And see that little Shabby Apple button to your right? You can hit that anytime and watch your bank account drop.  But in a good way :)
Rest in Peace James Matthew Patrick. 9/11/2001. Never forget.


  1. I love Montauk! Even though I haven't been there for years, it still holds wonderful memories :)
    And I can't believe you used to get to play with that little guy! Seriously I would have wanted to dress her in cute little frilly dresses.

  2. Ummm...coolest college job ever???
    I'd play with gorillas and orangutans any day ;)

    And because you have such an amazing blog, I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    you can go here to read more about it :D

  3. You had me at baby gorilla. You're so lucky to have had such a wild experience (no pun intended).

  4. great blog! newest follwer from Mallory @ From California to Kansas!

  5. Stopping by from the Blog working Wednesdays. I'm so intrigued by the fact that you used to work as a research intern with apes! Very cool.

    Quirktastic Adventures


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