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You know what? It's okay

...that we forgot a sweet potato in the microwave for over 24 hours
...that we can't use the microwave and stereo system at the same time without shorting a circuit
...that we have spent every single day here at Palm Beach 
...and the pool
It's okay...that I haven't finished the home tour post. Sorry! I just need the pictures to be perfect :)
...that I joined a gym my second day here and have yet to go
...that I enjoy wearing workout clothes more than actually working out
...that I can't figure out how to make my hair look like anything but an afro.
...that I almost teared up going into my first real Lilly Pulitzer store.

...that I now want a little girl more than ever so I can dress her in this

...that today I will be sitting 15 ft down on the bottom of the ocean waiting to be rescued.  
More on that coming soon.
Its Ok Thursdays



  1. It's all OK because you're young, happy, and in love! :)

  2. That store looks fun! I don't think they have a Lily store where I live.



  3. Omg that dress is adorable!!!!

    And that pool? Wow, fabulous!!

    Hope you're enjoying your new city :)

  4. That Lilly store makes me very happy! I think I got the chills!!!

  5. Haha- I'm totally guilty of leaving things in the microwave, you aren't alone!! ;)

    Can I come visit?! Just saying that pool and ocean look amazing right now.

    Also-- pretty sure I got pregnant with a girl just LOOKING at that Lilly dress!

  6. i forget stuff in the microwave all the time! i think they should have a reminder system! :)

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  7. Those resort pools are just so convenienty located right next to the bar...ha! Glad everything is OK.

  8. New follower from It's Ok Link Up! i teared up with my first Lilly store too!! Can't wait to read more!


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