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A little something to look forward to :)

As you are reading this I am hopefully in Germany on my way to Rome, but do not fret.
You are in very good hands!
Over the next 2 weeks you will hear from some of my favorite ladies in blogland, as well as get your hands on some delicious recipes I've been holding hostage!

If you missed where I'm headed you can check it out here
More importantly...if you missed why we're off to see The Pope you can read that here!

You will see a few of the many the reasons to love Erin
 Turn green with envy at Leanne's backpacking pictures
 Learn to make a delicious staple gluten free and guilt free with Kaitlyn 
Get great love advice from Jen
and fabulous fall favorites from Lauren!

In 2 weeks you're going to wish I wasn't back ;)
Have fun!



  1. What a great lookin bunch of gals :) Hope your travels are going smoothly!

  2. Owowwww- them hotties! ;)

    Miss emailing/texting/tweeting you already! But enjoy your trip!!!

  3. This was a nice surprise (:

  4. Have fun on your vacation! I am jealous you get to go/stop in Germany, I would love to go home for a bit!


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