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A VLOG. And discussion of large balls.

It's happened again.  A vlog.
I'm linking up with Erin and Ashley for the girl behind the blog link up, talking about what I need to get through the day!

I once again notice how incredibly huge my teeth look in vlogs, and I just really don't understand.  I mean, I had braces 3 times, so I'm glad they are huge and straight.  But still, it's a little unnerving.

Another weird thing that's extra large? My tonsils.
Seriously, every time I go to the doctor (and I've been to my fair share) the first thing they say is
"Wow. You have huge tonsils."
How do you respond to that? Thank you? I'm sorry?
Last time it happened I look at the doctor and just asked, "Are you flirting with me?"
It was definitely a first ;)

Since we're talking about large balls,
I'm off to carve a pumpkin.
I know I'm a little late, but since we have no friends down here we were kind of skipping over the holiday...but Dom's parents are visiting and bought us a pumpkin, so I'm determined to be festive.
In the meantime, here's my video.
Sorry I'm so awkward.
And sorry I got off topic and started talking about large balls. 




  1. hahahahah I had a sort of similar experience in the dentist. The dental hygienist told me that I had very pretty eyes and that because she basically had to stare into them nonstop she couldn't help but notice...awk

  2. I feel like my teeth look really big in vlogs too. All you gals and mascara. I never wear it. Seriously only like once a month. Wine! You are too cute!

  3. Gah, I can't listen to this at work but I played it anyways to see your big teeth.
    They aren't big lover. They're pretty. I always feel my mouth looks weird when I watch myself do these vlogs. THAT's unfortunate.

  4. hiiii! Im your newest follower and will be putting up a vlog today soon from the link up! First of all your teeth are gorgeous! I need to get braces again because my permanent retainer wasnt so permanent and broke off without me knowing for awhile...
    I lived in FL my whole life! Then I married my military hubby and moved...i was near Tampa...west of tampa.
    Oh! And I saw you can't have gluten! Me too! along with dairy, eggs, and sugar cane lol but not eating gluten is probably the easiest for me, i can share many recipes if you want. :-)

  5. You are so cute! But also weird because your teeth dont look big at all! haha Glad you linked up!

  6. 3 lots of braces? Wow! I had one and I know they sit my parents back an arm and a leg! I also have massive teeth - infact, before braces I could do the bugs bunny with my front teeth...happy to say they are long gone haha

  7. Aww you have such a sweet voice!
    And you're right, sun is definitely something i need to get trough the day too!

  8. Hey girl! Just found your blog from the link up and you are adorable! So glad to be your newest follower!

  9. You are so cute, loved the vlog!! :)

  10. i'm the same way with mascara. if i don't wear it, it looks like i have no lashes. even wearing it, it's hard to tell i have lashes haha. i need lash extensions. if i was good at false lashes i'd probably wear them everyday.

  11. First of all your teeth are gorgeous! ( I work for an orthodontist- and people love smiles like yours) so happy to have found you! Xoxo

  12. Mascara is a definite must! I don't look human without it! And yeah, every evening starts at wine o'clock :)


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