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Advice for newly cohabitating couples!

 Hello from Rome! Today I have Jen guest posting, and giving great advice on moving states away from family to live with your man! It's been 2 months so far, and no crisis yet. ;) Hopefully with these tips we, and any couple, can live happily ever after.
Hey! I'm Jen and I blog over at Boys will be Boys. I have two little wilds that fill my life with love and craziness. I fell in blogger love with Robin awhile back. I'm so excited she's now a fellow Sunshine Stater!

Robin and Dom remind me of John and I back in the day. Our first home together was 300 miles from my hometown. John had been transferred for work and I went with him. Looking back 9 years ago I thought I'd give Robin and all of you newly moved in couples some words of advice.

Circa 2004
1. Do not baby him. Seriously. It's cute at first but then fast forward almost 10 years later and he can't even pick out his own shirt. Ok, I'm totally kidding. He is perfectly capable of picking out his own clothes. His just prefers I do it. His excuse, you're better at it. Please.

2. Do not let him become a cover hog. You will freeze your tush off. Make sure you jump into bed first and claim your territory. Wrap yourself up like a burrito. If he gets to bed first, good luck getting the blanket out from underneath a concrete slab. How do guys weigh like 5000 pounds when they are sleeping?

3. Do act helpless every once awhile. It will boost his ego. Honey, can you reach this for me? Honey, will you take out the garbage, I can't lift it. Honey, kill this bug for me. Oh wait, that last one is always the other way around. Yep, my handsome hunk makes ME kill the bugs.

4. Be decisive. Especially when it comes to going to dinner. If he asks where you want to go, tell him! Or I promise he will pick Bdubs every.single.time. Beer and wings is not my idea of a romantic dinner.

5. Learn to like sports. I promise your life will be 10 times better if you learn sports. Guys are all about sports. Nothing is more annoying to them than you asking them every 2 minutes what is happening. And watching ripped guys in tight pants wrestle each other on a football field isn't so bad.

Circa 2012
In all honesty I wouldn't change a thing. John and I have been going strong for almost 10 years now with no signs of stopping. I mean, he is right. I am better at picking out clothes. It is fun to act helpless every once in awhile. But it's also nice to see his face after you have moved a whole room of furniture by your lonesome while 8 months pregnant. Beer and wings aren't so bad. I actually really love sports so lucky him. But the blanket thing. Stake.your.claim!



  1. Jen- you know you rock, but thought I'd remind you again.... YOU DO!! :)

    Totally with you on the covers thing. I tell Jared all the time we just need to have like 6 blankets/sheets available on our bed at all times, lol!

    1. Thanks dear! And just wait until munchkins take over your bed. At that point it's a lost cause :)

  2. Haha I do need to learn to be more decisive about dinner. At least now I give him 2 or 3 options and then let him pick!

  3. there is nothing i hate more than my whiny husband says can you do this for me can you do that for me, it is because his momma did it for him and i ain't about to start babying him! you are right on that advice for sure! i tell him one day i will die and you will need to know how to take care of all of these things so start learning now

    1. I tell mine the same thing. And I'm definitely not going to baby our sons. Their wives can thank me later :)

  4. Too funny. That 5000lbs thing is soo true. Thanks for the advice :)

    1. Seriously!?! It's dead weight. And no amount of pushing and shoving wakes him either. It's like he's hibernating!

  5. hahaha! I seriously laughed outloud at the concrete slab comment. SO. TRUE!!

  6. You are on a roll today! Speak up and be decisive! Yes!! I totally think that you can be your own person, and still be half of a successful couple.

  7. I have been living with my husband for three years and I can honestly say that everything thing that Jen has listed is 100% true! Words to live by :)


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