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Notice anything different around here? Hint: look up.

Sunshine State of Mind is now The Sunshine Diary! 

 I liked the name Sunshine State of Mind, but I wasn't crazy about it long term, plus we don't have to be in a sunshine state of mind anymore since we are actually in the sunshine state! The Sunshine Diary seemed more fitting since this blog will be a diary of our life in the sunshine!

I'm also going to be getting serious about blogging.  I watched Dom take his favorite hobby, scuba diving, and keep bringing it to the next level.  Now he's in training to be a dive master!  He takes what he loves and does whatever it takes to be the best.  I don't mean to say I'm ever going to be the best blogger, but he inspired me to take what I love and be the very best I can be at it!  I just finished reading Blog Inc. and loved it.  It has so much information about growing your blog successfully, whether it's for fun or as a business.  I can't recommend the book enough (plus it's only about $10)!  It really got me ready to take my blog to the next level.  Now I just have to wait until I have the funds to sponsor everyone I want ;). I also started using a new system to plan out and organize my posts so I don't have a million ideas flying around and then sit in front of my computer and go blank!

Even more? I made The Sunshine Diary a Facebook page! Can I just say how weird it is to have a page with no "likes"? So please, if you have a moment go "like" it!  If your blog as a page please let me know and I will absolutely "like" it too! I don't even think my mom has liked mine's that new.

As of tonight, there will be lots of social media and link changes!
So here is the new info:

New address: (old blog link will redirect to this one)
Twitter: My handle will be changing from RobinJay17 to @SunshineDiary_.  If you're already following you don't have to change anything!
Instagram: I'll be changing that to @thesunshinediary 
Facebook page: The Sunshine Diary!
New email: 

I'm so excited to "brand" this blog and see where it will take me!



  1. YAY!! Totally pumped for you girlfriend!!!! Your blog rocks and I know it will keep on keepin' on! :)

  2. whoo hoo! so exciting! don't forget to add the little "like" box to your page for facebook! it makes it really easy for folks to find it. settling on a brand is always exciting. i'm constantly trying to figure out what my blog is. i feel like i change it every week. glad to be following as well as your 5th like on facebook! :)

  3. oh and the way you and your bf met is totally me and my husband's story. i was NOT interested in him at all, but then, i just couldn't get rid of him. he kept showing up at every corner and we've been together ever since!

  4. Yay!! Good luck, sisterfriend!

  5. following you on insta & twitter!


  6. Love the new name change... going to find you on Facebook now :) Come find me too!!

  7. So exciting! :) Love the new name!!! It's adorable! I want to read that book! You have already grown so much in such a short amount of time! It's CRAZY!!!

    I liked your Facebook page my love! :)


  8. Love the new name, it's not too far away from your original, but definitely excited about you and your "new" blog!!

  9. So exciting! I totally agree, if I could blog for a living I totally would it is the best! I cannot wait to experience some of that Sunshine state as it will be my temporary home in a week :)

  10. Super excited for you Robin! Can't wait to see where your blog goes!

  11. Hi Robin,

    I am popping in from the Followers to Friends Blog Hop and I love your blog name! Instantly makes me think of something happy. :)
    You have beautiful photos on here and I enjoyed reading your love story. - it made me smile! Sounds like it really was meant to be.
    Anyway looking forward to following along on your new adventures.



  12. That is so great! Kudos to you for making the leap! :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk. It's nice to "meet" you!

    Hi! It's Jilly


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