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Bringing Fall to the Sunshine State!

The ONLY downfall of living in the Sunshine State is the lack of fall! I live for scarves and boots, and I am overjoyed at the fact that as you're reading this, I am (hopefully) frolicking around Luxembourg wearing just that {keep your fingers crossed we didn't get lost}! So, since I have pretty much no fall inspiration for you, I'm turning you over to one of my FAVORITE bloggers, Lauren! Be sure to check out her blog for all the DIY and fashion tips you'll get a sample of below!


Hi friends! I'm Lauren and I blog over at WIFESTYLES! I'm so excited that Robin asked me to guest post for her! Not only is she one of my AMAZING sponsors but she is also one of my favorite bloggers! Who doesn't love a little bit of sunshine in their life?
Okay, so let me begin...{short summary}
I'm a 21 year old newlywed enjoying every second of married life! I seriously LOVE being married and living with my best friend! My hubby is a police officer and I'm a Nanny/stay at home wifey/aspiring Realtor! I love to cook, clean and be domestic! I have a little obsession with all things social media! Twitter and Instagram {@larsbbyxo} keep me busy! I try to live each day to the fullest and make others happy! My husband, family, friends and animals are what make my life complete! :) 
Now lets talk FALL and Fall essentials! AKA- sweaters, scarfs, boots, boot warmers... the list is never ending! I like to post #ootd {outfit of the day} pictures of my outfits on Instagram A LOT! 
Scarfs and boots are my thing! I have tons of them and I love to accessorize! A good scarf can make any outfit complete in my opinion! 
{Entire outfit came from Target!}
Another favorite Fall past time is decorating and making fun DIY crafts for our house! Fall decor is absolutely the best! Here are two of the wreaths I made for our porch this year! 
Last but not least, Fall can't be complete without 20+ Pumpkin Spice Lattes per season! 
Well there ya have it! A little about me and all my favorite things about Fall! I hope you all enjoyed my post and come visit my blog! Thanks again for having me Robin! :) 



  1. Um, hi, you are a model in that pumpkin patch photo! so cute!

  2. I love a little bit of leopard print mixed in with my Autumn :)


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