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Carry-on Essentials

The key to surviving a flight (if you're terrified of flying like I am) is having the right things in your carry on bag!
As I am preparing for Europe I'm gathering the things that I will not fly without, unless you want to see girlfriend panic.  And once I panic? I cry the rest of the flight.
So, here are the essential things for any fabulous carry-on bag, IMHO...

1. Huge duffel bag: You're going to need something to fit all the fabulousness in.

2. Comfy clothes: I'm a personal fan of yoga pants/leggings and a cute sweater. If I'm going to feel like a hot mess, you better believe I will not look like one.  Also, make sure to pack a hairbrush and some lip gloss.  You want to look semi human when it's time to deplane.

3. Comfy Extras: I always travel with a big scarf, it doubles as a pillow and extra warmth. My feet always get cold, and I hate wearing shoes on a plane, so big fuzzy socks it is! Also, gotta have a sleeping mask for your beauty sleep, ladies.

4. FOOD: That one gets caps because it's my favorite. NOTE: Wine cannot be brought in the bag, but it should be carried on in your belly, or you better buy that baby once you're on board.  Makes for very happy passengers. Yummy snacks and water are less fun, but also necessary ;).

5. Magazines: Trust me, magazines make the time fly by (pun intended). The trashier, the better.

6. General Apple Products: Iphone, Ipad, Macbook. I'm not picky. They provide music, internet, and endless distraction entertainment!

What are your carry-on essentials?? 
Am I missing anything?
Do tell. :)



  1. The last two times I have flown, I only brought a decision ever!

  2. Just wait until you have kids ;) My carry on list is never ending! And it's still not enough!

  3. From a veteran flyer, let me suggest getting mini's of your favorite alcohol - Jack, Jim, Jose, etc....they are all 3oz or less and will go in your BAG through TSA!

    You can thank me later! :)

  4. I agree with everything, except I prefer some cheesy in-flight movies...the ones you would never pay to watch but given you have a few hours to kill, they're always a good laugh. Good luck with the prep. I'll be on a quick flight next wknd so I'm not worried.

  5. My flight must haves are the exact same as yours, but on overnight flights, I wash my face and apply moisturizer right after takeoff and then freshen up before landing in the morning. It makes all the difference :)

  6. Love this, great tips for my upcoming trip!

    xo Shane

  7. A girl after my own flying- needs. I cannot understand why some women need to dress up- dress up for flights. I need to be as comfy as possible, yoga pants-sweater-cozy socks and all!! I also own 2 shoulder/neck pillows because i hate the feeling my neck gets when I fall asleep and my necks goes to sleep as well. Also a travel blanket..oh and I always forget the food :(


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