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Fiesta! I mean...Siesta Key!

Dom's friend Murph who was down here visiting us had an interview in Sarasota on Tuesday morning, so in true Dom and Robin fashion, we planned a 2 day trip to Siesta Key!
The terrible job market has its perks after all.
Like pretty much everywhere we've explored in Florida, it was absolutely gorgeous!
We bronzed, we boozed we bonded.  It was awesome.
I can't lie though, my favorite part? Having someone to take pictures of Dom and me!
Now there's proof we are actually here together.

I would like to note that I was dressed first. 
This time? Dom matched me. But it's true...we're that couple.

Then nighttime hit, and I was introduced to the most fabulous place on this here planet...
Daiquiri Deck. Be still my liver.
Every kind of daiquiri you can imagine, and then a million more.  And you can mix them and invent your own.  It also has a raw bar.
I didn't think it could get any better, until I heard those sweet 5 words.
2 for 1 happy hour.
And a very happy four hour it was.
The drinks were out of this world, and the food was fantastic!
Only bad part...I was just down the road from Jen and had NO idea since I am apparently very bad a Florida geography.  By the time this fact was realized it was too late to make plans! But I'm not worried, I'll be back there very soon! :)

Per usual, a very random event created the best memories of the night.
Siesta Key has a free golf cart-ish taxi that will bring you from the bar area back to the hotels.
Well, we were trying to party on a Monday needless to say it wasn't really hopping.
But oh, did we hop.
Right into the free taxi and accompanied the hilarious driver on her rides for the night. 
Murph plugged in a little Lil Wayne and we had ourselves a little dance party.

  It was awesome. 
Siesta Key has been renamed Fiesta Key.
Yep, I went there.



  1. Thanks for the shout out doll! Siesta is my fav place in Florida. Love it there! I'm glad you got to experience DD!

  2. It's amazing how close you all really are! I love Siesta Key :)

  3. Siesta Key is gorgeous! I had my first drink at Daquiri's my spot!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the first few - they look so relaxing and serene :)

    I've never been to Florida. I live on the east coast but have only traveled to a few of the surrounding states (mostly, thanks to my fiance!). It's definitely somewhere I'd like to visit one day! Maybe Siesta Key, specifically - it looks like it would be the perfect spot for a romantic getaway!


  5. That's it! It's decided. I'm officially moving in with y'all and being the creep that tags along on all of your fun adventures. Sorrynotsorry lovebug!

  6. I'm glad to see you and Dom actually ARE in the same state-- I was beginning to wonder by the lack of pics of you two together ;)

    All your pics are so bright and colorful--- I need a vacation!!!

  7. Oh my gosh that place looks like so much fun!! And y'all look so cute with your matching outfits!!

  8. And you thought Colorado was great?! Ummmmmm ... take me here! Please.

  9. Siesta Key is one of my favorite places to visit! Looks like you had a blast :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  10. OMG...Those Daiquiris look dangerous ;) Looks like sooo much fun and I love the matching outfits, too cute.

  11. looks like you had a blast!! wish i was down there!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Siesta Key! I go every summer! We stay on Crescent Beach! That's awesome that you went! I have not enjoyed the "free" taxis yet! If you ever go back you should try Captain Curt's and Turtles! Also go to Mote Marine on Long Island Key! It's Awesome!

  13. You would LOVE New Orleans. They have daquiri places like that literally on every corner... and they have an open container law. It's genius. Visting from the Weekend Blog Walk

  14. Stopping by from the "Weekend Blog Walk" - new follower :)


  15. I SERIOUSLY envy your life lol you guys always take the most fun trips and look like you're having a blast!

  16. Daiquiri Bar... nice one!
    I always get dressed before my husband, and he usually ends up picking something that matches me. It's embarrassing.

  17. Looks like so much fun. And me and my hubby end up matching outfits all the time...not on purpose. It just happens!!


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