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I've said it before and I'll say it again. 
There is no better way to spend a summer night than at a country concert!
And even though it was September 29, it's still in the 90s in South Florida sooo
It's still summer.
Dom's best friend Murph is visiting for at least a week while he interviews for jobs down here (Yay! We'd have a friend!) so the three of us went to see Brad Paisley, with Scotty McCreery and The Band Perry!
We may have planned this concert even before confirming we were coming down here.
Needless to say, we've been very excited!  It definitely didn't disappoint.
You know what was disappointing, though? South Florida tailgating.
Back north in good ole Upstate New York everyone gets there really early to drink and party before the concert, just like everywhere else in the country...or so we thought.
Down here in West Palm? People came and tailgated, but there was no music, everyone was keeping to themselves and sipping drinks waiting for the doors to open. Note: Sipping drinks.  There was no wild-ness going on here.  We were so shocked!
Either way, the concert was amazing, and Dom and Murph didn't let the lame tailgating get in the way of their alcohol consumption ;)

When "Remind Me" started, Dom was hoping and praying Carrie Underwood (his all-time dream girl) would appear.


Okay, so it was a hologram, but she still looked so real and amazing! Dom was in heaven.

 He still hasn't recovered. It was a great night! I'd see Brad again in a heartbeat. And now I want to see Carrie in concert so badly!
Have any of you seen her?



  1. I saw Brad and Taylor Swift together in Tampa a few years ago--it was amazing! looks like y'all had a blast :)

  2. We saw Jason Aldean, Chris Young, and Thompson Square last summer. It was so much fun! Tailgating is way better here in Tampa!

  3. Brad Paisley puts on an awesome show! Not sure what's up with the tailgating down there, but here in SC, we do it right!!!

    I'm going to see Luke Bryan for the 3rd time this year on Thursday and I can NOT wait!!!!!

  4. Did you go to the Amphitheater in WPB to see it? I used to go to tons of shows there when I lived in SoFla. I think the tailgating depends on the type of concert - country concerts I always found to be a little more tame! Looks like y'all had fun!

  5. Haha my hubby LOVES Carrie too! We too saw Brad and he was AH-mazing!!! I love every second of his concert!


  6. That would be an amazing concert, I'm sure of it! However, I think you just had a bad tailgating experience in West Palm - not all of Florida is like that! In a few weeks my friends and I are going to Rascal Flatts in Tampa, and we will for sure tailgate and have a good time beforehand. Silly West Palm people... :)

  7. I've seen Carrie in concert and she is amazing! One of my favorite shows ever! She is going to be in Orlando on December 21st and I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to make the drive.
    I love country concerts, they're so fun!

  8. HA HA! At least he got the hologram! I wonder if I can get a hologram of Monica Bellucci to appear somewhere for my husband. Nothing would make him happier :)


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