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Belts and Bangles!

I have had some pretty fantastic outfits in the past.
In grade school? Overalls and old lady cardigans were my jam.
I was even unfortunately photographed wearing outfits such as this one.
I was so close...and then I added the sweatshirt...and matching sneakers. Sad day.

So, because I don't want you all to follow my lead and look like Pepto Bismal bottles, I'm turning you over to the fashionable and ever so sweet Brooke from Belts and Bangles!
If only these outfit sets could magically appear in my closet...sigh.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2
Each and every morning, I try to pick out one statement piece that showcases my personality. Whether it's a chevron dress, a bold necklace, or fabulous boots, there is an opportunity every day to match my clothing to my emotions.  This time of year, arguably the happiest time of year, I feel it's my duty to represent the seasons while still wearing some of my holiday-inspired favorites.  Both of these outfits could be worn out to dinner with family and friends or they could be worn while grabbing a drink with a loved one.  I think it's important to never lose focus of yourself when getting ready and for me, that's what fashion truly represents!
Don't you just love her outlook on style?! I couldn't agree more! Be sure to go check out Belts and Bangles! :)



SPD: Ornament Wreath!

Dom and I ran into an earth shattering dilemma when picking out Christmas decorations.

A regular fern wreath looked very out of place and clashed with our pink house.
Tragic, I know.
Thankfully, I had Pinterest to help me find a solution to the Great Christmas Crisis of 2012.

This craft as everything good in common with the last one I did for this fabulous link up.
It's inexpensive, quick and easy.  Along with super festive and sparkly.
Since we all know I am no Martha Stewart, sparkly yet still easy is music to my ears!

This week I made...

An Ornament Wreath!

What you will need- ornaments (duh), hot glue gun, a wire hanger, and some ribbon or whatever you will use to hang it up!

I used about 60 ornaments (purchased for about $15 total from Walmart) and used varying sizes, but you can do whatever your festive heart desires.

The first thing you need to do is hot glue the the little hooks to the ornament.  This is very important, even if you're like me and thought the ornaments were sturdy enough to skip that step.  If you don't do it, when you start stringing them on, the little cap with the hook will pop off and you'll have ornaments flying everywhere. No bueno.  So, just take a few seconds and glue the base of the cap.  It doesn't have to look pretty since you won't see that part anyways!

Then, you make the wire hanger look as much like a circle as possible, and start stringing the ornaments.
At first it will look very weird. It will seem like you're just stringing them one by one, but the more you add and shake it around, the more it fills out.  I tried to fill in the gaps with smaller ornaments too!  
Once you have ornaments all around twist the wire ends together and use ribbon (or whatever you like) to cover it up.

Then, hang it up and stare at its beauty. ;)
 Yes, Dom lit our palm trees.  I'm so in love!

See original pin here! 



Women Connect 2012: 23. Live-in Girlfriend. Lover of Life

I know I always say this, but I am actually obsessed with this link-up idea from Becky.  Sometimes I feel a little lost in the blog world because I'm not a mom, a newlywed, or a bride to be.  I'm just a 23 year old girl who is squeezing every bit out of life.  I love that this link up celebrates what makes each blog special, and a way to connect with people with similar interests (although I am obsessed with babies, marriage and weddings! ;))

So, what makes me me?
I love life.

My boyfriend and I recently left our families in New York to move to South Florida and start a life of adventure, fun and a whole lot of love.

We strive to see the good in every situation.
I searched unsuccessfully for a job for 2 months, but instead of wallowing in self pity, we found great deals and explored our new state.
If we had a day with nothing to do? We got in the car and drove.
We would explore a city or little town a few hours away and create memories without spending a penny.

I'm not an amazing cook.  This is not the place for award winning recipes.  But every once in awhile? I find something that is pretty darn amazing, and I love nothing more than to share it here.

My man and I can't imagine staying in place for long.  We both live to travel and experience new countries and cultures.  We met half way across the world after all!

So on this blog you won't find new baby advice, or wedding planning tips, but you will find the story of two 23 year olds just starting their lives together, along with every adventure, mishap and near death experience that comes with it!



10 things you must do when your best friend comes to town

1. Take lots and lots of pictures.  This is necessary for both blackout and blackmail purposes.

2. Go to the honky tonk bar down the road.  You will have the more fun than you can possibly imagine.  You will attract lots of creepers from attempting to line dance, but it's totally worth it. Take full advantage of Ladies' Night.
 3. Always say "yes" to riding the bull. Make sure someone is recording it.  Maybe, just maybe, share it on your blog when you need a laugh.
4. Celebrate birthdays with hats and cake.

5. Go to an outdoor Rum Bar and sit in the sand by a fire pit while drinking from many rum buckets.

6. Go to the Christmas tree lighting downtown.  It might be 75 degrees, but it will make it feel like Christmas.

7. Explore the fancy neighborhood. See also: Explore fancy drinks.

8. Win card games 3 times in a row so you can make a rule. AKA make the men shotgun girly a girly hat.
9. Tell your boyfriend you love him a LOT for putting up with your girly shenanigans!

10. Don't allow a year and a half to pass before doing it again.  After all, she was your other half long before any man was in the picture. :)



Dress Sales Without Leaving Home!

If you are like me and had absolutely no interest in fighting off a million people at midnight for Black Friday deals, you can still get awesome savings, right from the comfort of your home.
Which is perfect for me, since I don't plan to be any more than 10ft from the leftover chocolate pie.

So, as a Shabby Apple affiliate I am here to let you know about their store-wide sale going on all weekend long!
They have great new collections, especially "Joyful" which has great dresses for the holiday season!
Personally, I am partial to the "All Aboard" collection, since we all know I don't like staying in one place for long.
Here are the three beauties I'm deciding between right now!
Shop Women's Dresses from Shabby Apple

This is the good part.  By using JOYFULSEASON at checkout, you can get 20% off everything on their site! Literally everything.  Until 11/30. Yes please. 

So click on this baby below and get shopping!
Dresses from Shabby Apple



Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I've been taking the week off from blogging due to so much company, but I had to stop in to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so lucky to have my family flying down to spend it with Dom and me, and my best friend Bennett is joining us with her amazing southern pie recipes!
So the day will be filled with lots of wine, food and way too much dessert.
Thank goodness for yoga pants.
Dom and I have so many blessings to be thankful for, but this year I am most thankful for my wonderful family and friends.  I can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than with these characters...

Hope you have a great holiday and eat yourself silly!


Weekend Blog Walk!

Weekend Blog Walk

Spread the love- give a shout out with #WeekendBlogWalk, or just hit the Tweet button below:

What is Blog Hop Etiquette anyway? 

Interested in being a Guest-Host?  We are now scheduling for the next 6 weeks.  There is a $10 fee to Guest Host.  Send an email to reserve your spot.  This small fee allows us to advertise and promote the Weekend Blog Walk.

Rules for the Weekend Blog Walk are simple:

1) Follow your Co-Hosts and Guest Hosts (1-6 on the Linky) via GFC, Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest. Please leave a comment if you are a new follower.
Jessica from At Home Take 2
Jillian from Hi! It's Jilly.
Jenna from Call Her Happy
Hayley from Hayley's World 
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Robin from The Sunshine Diary (Guest Host)

2) Post our button on your sidebar, or add a link on your Party List. 
3) Hop around and visit at least a few new blogs and meet some new blogging friends.

At Home Take 2

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Have Giveaways or want to enter? Do that here.



Dear Dom: Thanks for being alive!

Dear Dom: Thank you so much for being alive.  I'm sure you don't remember, but Saturday night when were celebrating your best friend's birthday, you seemed to think it was your birthday.  21st birthday to be exact. So after copious amounts of 150 proof bourbon, I went to check on the actual birthday boy to make sure he was sleeping on his side. You? Decided you wanted Taco Bell, escaped out the front door and went missing.  That left me running down a busy 4 lane road in a city I don't know frantically screaming your name.  In the middle of the night. I found you half a mile down the road calling for taco bell.  You were so confused and couldn't figure out how you got so intoxicated.  I had to calmly remind you that we're old and boring now, and just can't quite party like we used to. Sad day, I know.  But thank the heavens you will live to see your 24th birthday! Dear Waitress at Hooters: You were no fun.  It was a birthday and you were rude and boring. But then you lightened up and dressed Murph up, so I guess I'll forgive you.

Dear Bennett: Yesterday was your 24th birthday and I couldn't be more excited I got to spend it with you!!! This week is going to be amazing and I am so so excited you are here! Dear New Job: I'm so excited about you. I get my start date officially today! Dear Bank Account: See previous letter. You can stop hating me soon. Dear Thanksgiving: I can't wait to spend you with my family, and Dom and our best friends down here in SoFla! I've never had a warm Thanksgiving and I'm kind of excited. Dear Channing Tatum: You are the sexiest man alive. I love you. Nom. Dear Mojito Latin Bar: Mojitos in mason jars? Does life get any better? I can't believe Dom and I just discovered you.  Be prepared to see Dom and I... a lot. And we will try every single kind of mojito you have.

 Dear Erin:  I live for our wine induced weekend texts.  I will be drinking wine with you and Kayla someday. Mark my words!! :) Dear Siesta Key Sunset Drum Circle and Festival: It's for nights like this in the middle of November that I moved to South Florida.




Saw it, Pinned it, Did it...Glitter Style

Today I'm linking up with Katie and Steph for their  Saw it, Pinned it, Did it link up! I love this link up because it gives me an excuse to do all of the holiday crafts I pinned and would otherwise probably never get around to doing.

It also just so happens that today is not only this fabulous link-up, but the day Bennett is arriving (my worries in this post came true, and she was delayed a few days), AND her 24th birthday! So I knew her present/welcome basket had to be extra special.  Since this is the first time I am seeing her in exactly a year and a half (to the day) I figured a basket with throw backs to our college sorority days was in order.
Do you know what that means?
Cheap wine and glitter.  And lots of it.
So, when I saw this on Pinterest I knew it had to be part of her basket.
It was inexpensive, fun, and so easy (which is a must for me)!

Glitter Wine Glasses!
All you need are wine glasses, modge podge, a brush, and the glitter of your choice! You can also seal it with a layer or two of lacquer to make them hand washable.

First, paint the portion of the glass you want to glitterify with modge podge.

Then, sprinkle the glitter with reckless abandon :)
 Leave to dry over night and you're done.  The next morning, spray with lacquer to seal it all up.

Just add wine, and you're really good to go!



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