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10 things you must do when your best friend comes to town

1. Take lots and lots of pictures.  This is necessary for both blackout and blackmail purposes.

2. Go to the honky tonk bar down the road.  You will have the more fun than you can possibly imagine.  You will attract lots of creepers from attempting to line dance, but it's totally worth it. Take full advantage of Ladies' Night.
 3. Always say "yes" to riding the bull. Make sure someone is recording it.  Maybe, just maybe, share it on your blog when you need a laugh.
4. Celebrate birthdays with hats and cake.

5. Go to an outdoor Rum Bar and sit in the sand by a fire pit while drinking from many rum buckets.

6. Go to the Christmas tree lighting downtown.  It might be 75 degrees, but it will make it feel like Christmas.

7. Explore the fancy neighborhood. See also: Explore fancy drinks.

8. Win card games 3 times in a row so you can make a rule. AKA make the men shotgun girly a girly hat.
9. Tell your boyfriend you love him a LOT for putting up with your girly shenanigans!

10. Don't allow a year and a half to pass before doing it again.  After all, she was your other half long before any man was in the picture. :)



  1. Love this! Love all the pics!
    But I am super jealous that it was 75 degrees at the tree lighting. Like.. I'm ready to move to FL now.

  2. Awww sounds like you had lots of fun!! And I'm with Karla... 75 at a tree lighting? Awesome.

  3. Aww! Looks like such a fun time!! :) Rum Bar? How fun!

  4. So cute! It looks like you guys had such a great time! I mean, a rum bar? You had me at hello.

  5. This warmed my heart in every way! I am so glad you two still ended up getting your time together--it looks like you made the most of every second!!

  6. This was adorable!! You are beautiful, girl!

  7. You both chose some nice outfits. :)

  8. Looks like a great time! Can I just say, you look like a freaking model in the first picture?! Seriously, go model Robin! I love all your outfits also!

    XO, Kelsey

  9. Honestly, could you be ANY more gorgeous?! It's def not possible. You are flawless girl and I LOVE that top you're wearing in the first pic. Orange AND polka dots?! I want!

  10. AWWW! I love the last part.
    Great pics, looks like so much fun. Love the idea of guys shotgunning girly drinks. LOL

  11. I need some girly time with my bff like this stat! FUN!!!


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