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Belts and Bangles!

I have had some pretty fantastic outfits in the past.
In grade school? Overalls and old lady cardigans were my jam.
I was even unfortunately photographed wearing outfits such as this one.
I was so close...and then I added the sweatshirt...and matching sneakers. Sad day.

So, because I don't want you all to follow my lead and look like Pepto Bismal bottles, I'm turning you over to the fashionable and ever so sweet Brooke from Belts and Bangles!
If only these outfit sets could magically appear in my closet...sigh.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2
Each and every morning, I try to pick out one statement piece that showcases my personality. Whether it's a chevron dress, a bold necklace, or fabulous boots, there is an opportunity every day to match my clothing to my emotions.  This time of year, arguably the happiest time of year, I feel it's my duty to represent the seasons while still wearing some of my holiday-inspired favorites.  Both of these outfits could be worn out to dinner with family and friends or they could be worn while grabbing a drink with a loved one.  I think it's important to never lose focus of yourself when getting ready and for me, that's what fashion truly represents!
Don't you just love her outlook on style?! I couldn't agree more! Be sure to go check out Belts and Bangles! :)



  1. She is great at accessorizing! Will definitely have to follow!

    Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway going on now! :)

  2. I loved overalls in middle school. I had a super cool corduroy pair. However, now I gravitate towards things like that chevron dress. Fabulous!
    Penniless Socialite
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  3. Hahaha, oh overalls! :)

    I love that striped H&M dress. A few more baby pounds to lose and I just might HAVE to buy it!

  4. So stinkin cute. I'd take EVERY piece of every outfit above!! ;) unfortunately, we ALL go through our awkward middle school transition with clothes, you're not alone!! haha

  5. Yeah, I'm going to need that chevron dress.


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